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LAUNCHedu Winners by Randy & Jackie Smith
Written by Jessi | October 31, 2014

5 Reasons to Enter Your Startup in LAUNCHedu

Driven by the unique mash up of education stakeholders at SXSWedu, the LAUNCHedu startup competition has become an exciting place to preview what's next and new in the marketplace. LAUNCHedu provides an outlet for entrepreneurs, seeking feedback, investment, new strategic partnerships and exposure, to present their early stage business concepts before a panel of industry experts, early adopters and educators, as well as a live audience at SXSWedu. The deadline for startups to apply for the fourth annual competition is quickly approaching! Submit your application online by Friday, November 7 to be considered for the event.

LAUNCHedu is the place to promote your vision at SXSWedu and participating in the competition can help take your startup endeavor to the next level. Here are 5 quick reasons to participate in LAUNCHedu 2015:

Core Conversation photo by Debbie Finley
Written by Patrick | October 30, 2014
Tags: Sessions

Session Highlights: Get More Involved with Core Conversations at SXSWedu

Core conversations are speaker-led conversations that occur at SXSWedu. These open-talks are fueled by attendees’ participation. Attendees are encouraged to engage in the conversation and offer their opinions and raise any questions or concerns that they may have.

Core conversations are an hour long and are led by one to two speakers. These discussions present the perfect opportunity for all SXSWedu attendees to get actively involved in the educational dialogue and to help stimulate constructive ideas and actions. These conversations take an informal tone, so if you are an expert or novice in the educational realm, feel free to attend and share your wisdom or curiosity.

Workshop photo by Debbie Finley
Written by Patrick | October 28, 2014

Session Highlights: Workshops at SXSWedu 2015

Workshops are in-depth, instructional sessions that offer attendees a hands-on learning experience during the event. Like all of the SXSWedu session programming, workshops are free to attendees and offer a means to leave the conference with tangible tools and relevant takeaways surrounding a specific topic in learning.

Each workshop is aligned with one of the sixteen programming themes, centered more specifically on a particular topic and formatted in a way that supports an interactive and hands-on engagement. Workshops are led by one to three speakers and have a longer, two-hour format.