Gain invaluable guidance and support from experienced industry leaders with the SXSW EDU Mentor Program.

Mentor Sessions - SXSW EDU 2024 - Photo by Caleb Pickens



The SXSW EDU Mentor Program is an opportunity for education professionals, students, innovators, and entrepreneurs to connect with seasoned mentors and gain invaluable guidance. Attendees can meet with experienced industry leaders in a one-on-one setting and in group discussions for personalized advice, support, and insights to help them navigate challenges, accelerate their growth, and make a meaningful impact in their careers and beyond.

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Mentor sessions offer purpose-driven, one-on-one meetings between experienced professionals and attendees. From classroom teachers and professors, to industry insiders and CEOs, the mentors at SXSW EDU are excited to share their insights with the community.

Through one-on-one mentor sessions, participants gain access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise, receiving tailored advice and support to navigate specific challenges, refine their skills, and accelerate their professional growth. Each mentor session involves a 12-minute discussion with mentors who are excited to share their insights with the community.



Roundtables are an expansion of the mentor program featuring group discussions between mentors and a small group of attendees. Led by industry experts and thought leaders, these interactive sessions provide a unique platform to share perspectives, exchange ideas, and collaborate with a diverse community.

Whether you're seeking inspiration, solutions, or are looking to expand your network, Roundtable discussions at SXSW EDU offer an engaging space to shape the future of education through dynamic dialogue. Roundtable mentoring will feature group discussions between mentors and a small group of attendees. Each roundtable session is 60 minutes in duration, comprising three 20-minute discussions. At the end of each 20-minute discussion, mentors will rotate to the next table of attendees.


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Mark your calendars and get ready for SXSW EDU 2025 taking place March 3-6, 2025.

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