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Explore SXSW EDU Online resources and tools, as well as tips, that will help you get the most out of your SXSW EDU Online experience March 9-11, 2021.

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Attending SXSW EDU Online


The Attendee Services Hub is your guide to SXSW EDU Online with a suite of navigation tools and resources to help prepare you for the digital adventure ahead.

SXSW EDU Online, a digital experience from March 9–11, 2021 includes Keynotes & Featured Sessions, Conference Sessions, Film Screenings, Performances, Launch Competition, Exhibition, Networking, and more. But before you dive in, browse our platforms overview, learn how to link your registration pass, connect with other attendees, and more.

Stay tuned for more navigation tools, registrant tips, and more as we get closer to the event.

Not yet registered? Secure your SXSW EDU Online Pass today. With one pass that covers the entire event, attendees have the opportunity to take in programming and connect with others across the education community.

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Platforms Overview


2021 SXSW EDU Online programming includes live and on-demand Keynotes & Featured Sessions, Conference Sessions, Film Screenings, Performances, Launch Competition, Exhibition, Networking, and Special Events.

Live sessions and events are scheduled every day between scheduled between 9:30am – 9pm CT.

Platforms Overview

Participation takes place in the following environments:

  • SXSW EDU Online Web App
  • SXSW EDU Online Mobile App for iOS and Android

Online Web & Mobile Apps

SXSW EDU Online web and mobile apps provide an almost identical experience.

Web Browsers: The SXSW EDU Online web app works best with Chrome and Firefox browsers. Internet Explorer is not supported.

Mobile App: Download the SXSW EDU Online mobile app for iOS or Android.

Link Your Pass


Getting Started

Once you have registered for SXSW EDU Online, you will receive the SXSW EDU Online Link Code email. From there, follow these steps to get started:

Set Profile & Settings

Once you’ve opened the SXSW EDU Online web app, go to the dropdown menu in the top right-hand corner and click the down arrow. Now, complete your “My Profile” and verify your “Settings.”

Instead of using the “Resource center” and “Contact app support” in this menu, we recommend that you reference the Help Resources found at the bottom of the Attendee Services Hub.

Set Your Networking Availability

Under “My SXSW EDU”, click “My Meetings” to update your availability to reflect the times you are available to be contacted. “All day” (24 hours) is the default setting to accommodate international participants.



Networking Opportunities

Start Date Day/Time Set By RSVP More Information
Networking (1:1) February 8 Attendee No Find, connect, and message attendees directly leading up to and during SXSW EDU Online.
Meetings (1:1) February 8 Attendee No Book 1:1 meetings now for video networking taking place March 8 through March 11.
Discussion Channels March 1 Attendee No Topic based group discussions.
Mentor Sessions (1:1) March 9 SXSW EDU Yes 1:1 sessions with mentors. Sign up in advance via Mentorly starting March 1.
Exhibitor Meetings & Demos March 9 Attendee No Book meetings directly with Exhibitors.
Converse Sessions March 9 SXSW EDU No A speaker-facilitated, open conversation that focuses on driving dialogue and connecting communities around a particular topic. Limited capacity.
Work Sessions March 9 SXSW EDU No An instructional program with hands-on learning activities and specific takeaways. Limited capacity.



The SXSW EDU Exhibition serves as the central hub for innovations in learning for this year’s online experience.

Digital Exhibitor Booths

Using the SXSW Online Platform, find company information, product categories, social media profiles, contact details, and any brand content they upload including documents, resources, and featured products & services.

Exhibitor Types

Meet innovative industry leaders, nonprofits, and emerging edtechs from all over the world come together for this online marketplace. Exhibitors feature dynamic, trailblazing organizations, and thought leaders that are changing the game and looking to share their stories and ideas with thousands of education professionals from around the globe.

Find exhibitors

Sort exhibitors by product or pavilion type to find exhibitors that match your interests. Or, search using keywords on the Exhibition page to filter through all participating organizations.

Meet with Exhibitors

Book a meeting with a company to learn more about a product or service using the SXSW EDU Online Platform. Navigate to the company’s online booth and use the message function. This enables you to book a meeting, ask questions, or network with the company’s team in real time.

Exhibitor with no meeting times left: Choose from several other options to make important professional connections both during and long after the event is over. During SXSW EDU Online, take advantage of exhibitors participating in Official Events, Sessions, or use the messaging function in their digital booth to make contact. Digital booths are equipped with business and individual contact information that you may add to “My networking” or “My bookmarked companies” under the “My SXSW EDU” area. These contacts can be exported making it easy to reach out at a later date.

Bookmark Exhibitors

Bookmarking makes it easy to revisit your favorite exhibitors. Bookmarks are located at the digital booth directly under the company logo. Your list of bookmarked exhibitors will populate in the ‘My SXSW EDU’ area of the platform.

Build your wishlist

By clicking the tag icon in the bottom right corner of an item, you can add any product, service or Swag item. Later, revisit “My wish list” in the “My SXSW EDU” area.

Help Resources


Customer support will be available via email helplines during Online Event dates and hours. Limited after-hours support will also be available.

  • Help purchasing registrations, redeeming coupons, linking registration to the Online platform, general questions, and customer service. Email
  • Help with access to Online Event content, compatibility with browsers, compatibility with hardware/software. Email
  • Help with general information and questions about SXSW EDU Online. Email
  • Help and support with inappropriate behavior by any participant(s) in the Online Events. Email
  • Help with questions about ADA accessibility accommodations. Email
  • For general questions start with the SXSW EDU Online FAQs.


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