Inspiration and discovery abound at SXSW EDU with so many opportunities to network. Whether you’re seeking mentorship, new connections, or friends aligned with your interests, there’s no shortage of convenings to look forward to.

Photo by Amanda Stronza.

Photo by Amanda Stronza.

About Networking


Networking opportunities at SXSW EDU come in a variety of forms, both casual and formal, to empower attendees to accomplish their networking goals. Whether you thrive in one-on-one settings or larger group environments, there’s available activities and events for every networker at SXSW EDU.

Scattered throughout the SXSW EDU venues, custom lounges supported by sponsors offer a unique space to relax, recharge, and connect with others.

Meet Ups
Meet ups are topic-focused, networking events selected through the PanelPicker process, which give communities at SXSW EDU the chance to connect with others who share similar passions or interests. Meet ups can take a variety of forms including group activities, facilitated networking, or focused discussions.

The mentor program facilitates purpose-driven, one-on-one connections between experienced professionals and attendees. From classroom teachers and professors, to industry insiders and CEOs, the mentors at SXSW EDU are excited to share their insights with the community.

Pop-Up Dinner
Connect with fellow attendees while enjoying a taste of Austin at pop-up dinners across downtown. Dinner reservations have already been made, just show up hungry to be seated with other attendees interested in meeting new people.

Mix and mingle at a number of special events including coffee breaks, happy hours, parties, and more.

Walking Tour
Guided, hour-long walking tours around downtown provide a unique opportunity to experience Austin like a local, meet fellow attendees, and connect with the vibe and culture on a new level.

Wellness Event
Wellness events offer an opportunity to get grounded, focus on you, and meet like-minded wellness enthusiasts.



The wide range of topics and ideas at SXSW EDU are organized by thematic tracks, designed to help illuminate overarching focus areas and enable attendees to easily navigate the event. Find your community or build a new one as you work through the program.

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Networking at SXSW EDU

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