How to Contact SXSW EDU

Contact as soon as possible with any questions or specific accommodation requests. During SXSW EDU, information is available at all Information Desks in the Austin Convention Center.

Accessibility Designated Badge & Companion Wristband

Attendees with disabilities who require accommodated seating and/or the assistance of an attendant during SXSW can request an Accessibility Designated Badge by emailing or after you purchase your credential online. The Accessibility Designated Badge allows for one Companion Wristband. When picking up Accessibility Designated Badges, go through the Help Desk at SXSW EDU Registration to pick up the Companion Wristband. The following rules apply to the Companion Wristbands:

  • One Companion Wristband per Accessibility Designated Badgeholder.
  • The bearer of the Companion Wristband must be accompanied by the person with an Accessibility Designated Badge. The Companion Wristband does not grant access to any events by itself.
  • All registrants must pick up their own credentials by showing their state-issued photo ID at Registration in the Austin Convention Center.

SXSW Does NOT Provide

  • Devices that are personal or individually prescribed, such as wheelchairs, prescription eyeglasses, or hearing aids.
  • Services of a personal nature, such as assistance in eating, toileting or dressing, or the pushing of wheelchairs. Specific circumstances are detailed below.
  • Connections to soundboards.


Deadlines for making requests are:

  • SXSW EDU: Monday, February 4, 2019
  • Interactive and Film: Friday, February 8, 2019
  • Music: Monday, February 11, 2019

General Accommodations

SXSW EDU allows ADA-recognized service animals trained specifically to assist a person with disabilities at all events. SXSW provides accessible facilities at all outdoor events where there are portable toilets. Any additional accommodations may be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Seating Accommodations:

At all SXSW Conference events where there is seating, SXSW will establish accessible sections for the deaf or hard of hearing. Seats will be reserved for any accommodated patron and their Companion Wristband if applicable, but only until five minutes before the event starts, after which unclaimed seating will be opened to the general audience.

Patrons and presenters who are blind or have vision impairments should contact us at as soon as possible to discuss reasonable accommodations. During normal business hours, SXSW volunteers will be available at the Information Booths to read information to patrons requesting an accommodation.

Patrons and presenters who are deaf or hard of hearing should contact as soon as possible to discuss reasonable accommodations and to schedule interpreters for conference events that fall outside of Keynote Presentations, select Featured Speakers, and the Outdoor Stage at Lady Bird Lake, which are already scheduled to be interpreted into American Sign Language.


  • Presenters. Deaf presenters will be provided interpreters for their own presentations, but accommodation(s) at other SXSW Conference panels and events must be requested.
  • SXSW Conference & SXSW EDU. SXSW does not provide interpreters to accompany individuals to trade shows, satellite events, or parties. We will work to find an agency to provide pre-certified interpreters at no cost to SXSW Conference participants for such events. This free service is dependent on sufficient notice and is subject to availability. Requests for interpreting at these types of events should be emailed to
  • SXSW Film Festival. Interpreting during screening of movies is provided only on a limited basis dependent on filmmaker, venue and sufficient request notice to The Film Festival Pocket Guide designates which movies are closed-captioned or subtitled.
  • SXSW Music Festival. The musical performances at the SXSW Outdoor Stage at Lady Bird Lake will be accessible, featuring professional and certified ASL interpreters, but SXSW does NOT provide interpreting at music venues or showcases.
    Deadline for making ASL Interpretation requests for SXSW EDU is Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Patrons and presenters with mobility impairments should contact as soon as possible to discuss and arrange accommodations. Please know that SXSW does not provide push services for presenters or patrons. Attendants are allowed with the Companion Wristband.

Wheelchairs and/or Scooters
Wheelchairs and 3- or 4-wheel electric scooters are allowed and are reasonably accommodated. Users of any other mobility devices should contact Presenters with mobility impairments should contact as soon as possible to make appropriate accommodations.


SXSW takes place throughout downtown Austin. Traffic may be congested and parking can be scarce. Patrons should be prepared to travel long distances. Available transportation services include the following:

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