The wide range of topics and ideas at SXSW EDU Online are organized by thematic tracks, designed to help illuminate overarching focus areas and enable attendees to easily navigate the event.

Photo by Cruz Mendez.

Photo by Cruz Mendez.

About 2021 Tracks


SXSW EDU Online 2021 is organized by eight overarching tracks focused on timely topics in the rapidly evolving education landscape. Browse the full schedule and filter by tracks in the online event platform.

Programs and projects focused on empowering and connecting communities in and out of the classroom by highlighting work organized by community spaces and groups including libraries, museums, makerspaces, community centers, after-school and summer programs, and more

Emerging Tech
Exploring development and implementation in educational technology including virtual teaching and learning solutions, universal design, artificial intelligence, XR, data privacy, coding, data interoperability, as well as issues surrounding equitable access to technology

Equity & Justice
Addressing work championing equity, justice, access, diversity and inclusion in education and beyond, including social and economic disparities, culturally responsive teaching, anti-racism practice, LGBTQ+ issues, and more to ensure equitable opportunities and outcomes for all

Global Impact
Programs and initiatives exploring the importance of global collaboration and connectivity in education and beyond including international business ventures, program implementation across borders, global partnerships, cross-cultural initiatives, and more

Media & Public Engagement
Addressing the importance of education journalism locally, nationally, and internationally to advance public engagement on issues of educational equity and the fundamental connection between education and work, as well as fostering deeper ties between practitioners and journalists

Policy & Civil Discourse
Addressing education policy issues across local, regional, national, and international governance including funding and standards, student data use, and digital policies, as well as economic development, advocacy and activism, and government partnerships

Practice & Pedagogy
Content focused on instruction and pedagogy across the entire learning lifecycle with a focus on virtual teaching and learning and institutional transformation. Topics include but are not limited to instructional best practices for all educational levels and learning differences, arts integration, social emotional learning and wellness, and evolving curricula.

Work Reimagined
Programs and new approaches to upskilling, corporate learning, and talent development, including continuing education, workforce revitalization and training, career transitions and professional development, as well as initiatives for mature learners and non-traditional students

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