Crossover Day on Thursday, March 7: Bringing SXSW to EDU

One of my favorite parts of SXSW EDU is the opportunity to discover new ideas and connect with new communities. Finding other people who bring their own unique perspectives and creativity to tackle important issues always inspires me to try fresh approaches to my own work.

We have aspired to make this bridging of communities within education a hallmark of SXSW EDU, as our colleagues at SXSW have long done for their audiences in music, film and tv, and interactive technology. This year, we’re expanding our community by bringing SXSW to EDU on Thursday, March 7 for a special Crossover Day, where SXSW attendees will have access to all programming at SXSW EDU.

As part of this collaboration, we’re excited to announce a handful of Crossover Day sessions that have been carefully curated with the SXSW programming team. These sessions bring insightful and inspiring topics impacting the future of learning, art, and creative technology to this year’s event.

Newly Announced Crossover Day Programming:

When Art & Science Unite to Catalyze Change

Pioneering sci-art rebel Beatie Wolfe shares how Art and Science can come together to create the kind of change we need in this world right now. From visualizing and humanizing 800,000 years of CO2 data to releasing the world’s first bioplastic record with Michael Stipe and Brian Eno, Wolfe shares a journey of creating new pathways that didn’t previously exist, continually asking the question of how we activate the kind of awareness that stays with people, shifts perceptions, and makes a tangible difference on the macro and micro scale. Wolfe will also premiere a new project, Smoke and Mirrors, which visualizes methane data alongside Big Oil spin.

Beatie Wolfe, "Musical Weirdo & Visionary" -Vice
Hugh Forrest, Co-President & Chief Programming Officer, SXSW

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Austin’s High Tech Boom: Powered by Higher Education

ATX has emerged as one of the nation's top cities for new and emerging technologies, ranging from AI to quantum physics to space travel to synthetic biology (and almost everything in between). How did the city once known for its slacker culture come to be such a hotspot of all things innovation? Come to this session to learn how George Kozmetsky at The University of Texas as well as Austin's other outstanding institutions of higher education have played (and continue to play) a vital role in this incredible transformation of the Central Texas ecosystem.

Montserrat Fuentes, Ph.D., President, St. Edward's University
Jason Parrish, General Partner, Altus Nova
Thom Singer, CEO, Austin Technology Council
Becky Taylor, Interim Executive Director & Executive-In-Residence, Austin Technology Incubator

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Engaging Gen Z in Socially Conscious Entrepreneurship

According to an Axios/Momentive poll, 54% of Gen Z has a negative view of capitalism. Meanwhile, ASA research has found that a similar amount—over half—have entrepreneurial ambitions, and 59% want a career that helps others. This panel discussion will focus on how we can help Gen Z fulfill their entrepreneurial aspirations while adhering to their values and aiding the social causes they care about the most.

J.D. LaRock, President & CEO, NFTE
Daquan Oliver, CEO & Founder, WeThrive
Sofia Ongele, Senior, Columbia University
Bill Taylor, CEO, BUILD

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Which Generation is Going to Solve Gun Violence?

Three young innovators are using the entrepreneurial program at Westlake High School in Austin as a springboard to move past the gun safety debate. With a modern solution, these student founders will walk you through their approach to the most deadly issue facing American youth, and their journey from product ideation to the path forward all to save lives.

Joey Spier, Co-Founder, SafeZone
Annika Nanda, Co-Founder, SafeZone
Mirabel Finger, Co-Founder, SafeZone
Mitch Jacobson, Senior Advisor, Discovery to Impact & Austin Technology Incubator

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Bridging Communities with SXSW & SXSW EDU

Join the organizers behind SXSW and SXSW EDU in celebration of Crossover Day to find connections across events and communities. Education, in and out of the classroom, is the first stepping stone to futures in technology, the arts, service, and beyond. We’re excited to meet with the passionate and creative communities that come together to discover, learn, and share in the SXSW spirit.

Monica Sack, Senior Director, Conference Programming, SXSW
Ron Reed, Founder & Executive Producer, SXSW EDU
Greg Rosenbaum, Senior Director, SXSW EDU
Julia Shatilo, Programming Director, SXSW EDU

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More Highlights on Thursday:

Don't miss the Keynote presentation featuring Yung Pueblo as he dives into Unlocking Your Best Self for Yourself & Others.

Be sure to catch the "Butterfly in the Sky" film screening & Q&A, about the beloved PBS children’s series Reading Rainbow.

Learn what it means to truly build a community in the Panel Grantmaking Strategies That Can Transform Cities Nationwide.

Discover hip-hop's connection with social justice in America in the Solo Hip-Hop & Politics: Political Education & Radical Tradition.

And Many More…

See the full lineup of amazing Crossover Day content on Thursday, March 7 that’s open to all early arrivers to SXSW in addition to SXSW EDU registrants!

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SXSW EDU 2024 Crossover Day speaker photos and film stills provided by the speakers and participants. Beatie Wolfe photo by Mario De Lopez.

By Greg Rosenbaum