Whether you are seeking skill development, a new perspective, or opportunities to expand your professional network, there’s sure to be something at SXSW EDU to support your goals.

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Photo by Diego Donamaria.

Photo by Diego Donamaria.

About Sessions


The majority of sessions and workshops at SXSW EDU are fueled by PanelPicker, giving the community significant voice in the overall programming of the event.

Session Formats

Campfire (60 minutes, 1-2 speakers)
A speaker-led, open conversation that focuses on driving a dialogue with attendees around a particular topic rather than offering a structured presentation.

Case Study (1-3 speakers / 60 minutes)
A focused presentation highlighting research findings from relevant initiatives and projects, followed by audience Q&A.

Debate (3 speakers / 60 minutes)
A constructive, moderated debate between opposing viewpoints on an impactful topic, followed by audience Q&A.

Featured (1-4 speakers / 60 minutes)
A groundbreaking presentation focusing on leading trends and topics across the education space that highlights each hour of conference programming during the event.

Film Q&As (1-4 speakers / 15-30 minutes)
A post-film screening Q&A discussion with directors, producers, and cast members exploring narratives and themes aligned to the film.

Future20 (1 speaker / 20 minutes)
A short solo presentation highlighting new and emerging ideas. Optional audience Q&A.

Hands On (1-2 speakers / 30 minutes)
An informal, activity-based session that facilitates interactive and creative learning techniques.

Keynotes (1+ speakers / 30-60 minutes)
A plenary session highlighting thought leadership that kicks off each full day of SXSW EDU programming and wraps up the event with the Closing Program.

Meet Up (1-2 speakers / 60 minutes)
A speaker-facilitated networking event that encourages communities to connect around similar topics, passions, roles, or interests.

Panel (2-4 speakers / 60 minutes)
A diverse and dynamic exploration of a particular topic, followed by audience Q&A.

A dynamic performance immediately followed by a workshop to experience and reflect on the value of performing arts as a vehicle for deeper learning.

Policy Forum (2-4 speakers / 60 minutes)
An elevated policy-focused session that discusses the impact of public and higher education policy.

Talk (1-3 speakers / 30 minutes)
A focused, high-energy presentation centered on breakthroughs and insights, followed by audience Q&A.

Special Program
A unique engagement highlighting creative and dynamic work across the education space.

Show & Tell (1-2 speakers / 30 minutes)
A unique opportunity for organizations to showcase their products and services to the forward-thinking community at SXSW EDU.

Workshop (1-3 speakers / 2 hours)
An in-depth, instructional program with hands-on learning activities and specific takeaways.

Program Tracks

The wide range of topics and ideas on the program are organized by thematic tracks, designed to help illuminate overarching focus areas and enable attendees to easily navigate the event. Find your community or build a new one as you work through the program.

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