Four Reasons You Should Mentor at SXSW EDU 2024

Mentor Sessions - SXSW EDU 2023 - Photo by Miguel Esparza

Mentoring is a great way to create valuable connections and contribute your expertise at SXSW EDU 2024. Interested mentors can submit an application before the September 29, 2023, deadline.

Mentorship takes two forms: one-on-one sessions and roundtable discussions. In one-on-one mentor sessions, you'll engage in five 12-minute, purpose-driven meetings with attendees, providing guidance and insights that can significantly impact their careers, whether they're beginners or seasoned professionals.

Alternatively, if you prefer group interactions, roundtable discussions offer an excellent platform for in-depth conversations with a small group of attendees. These sessions are 60 minutes long, with mentors rotating between tables every 20 minutes, creating a dynamic and enriching mentorship environment.

Being a mentor at SXSW EDU is a valuable opportunity for those passionate about education and eager to contribute to its improvement. Here are five reasons why you should apply to be a mentor:

1. Share Knowledge and Expertise

Mentoring allows you to share your expertise, experiences, and insights with others passionate about education. It's an opportunity to positively impact the education community, and help someone take the next steps in their career.

2. Networking

SXSW EDU attracts a diverse and influential attendees, including educators, administrators, entrepreneurs, and policymakers. As a mentor, you'll have the chance to network with like-minded professionals and build valuable connections in the education industry.

3. Professional Growth

Mentoring can enhance your professional development. Engaging with mentees and addressing their challenges can help you refine your own ideas, perspectives, and teaching methods. It can be a source of fresh ideas and inspiration for your work.

4. Get a Complementary Credential

By sharing your knowledge and fostering connections, not only will you play a vital role in shaping the future of education, but you'll also gain complimentary access to the 2024 event.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Available March 4-7, 2024 during SXSW EDU in Austin, Texas
  • Knowledgeable in a dedicated area of expertise in the field of education and learning
  • Interested in sharing your professional perspective with mentees seeking feedback, guidance, or insight

Your knowledge and expertise in the field of education and learning can help shape the future of education. Apply now and be a catalyst for positive change in education!

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By Auva Saghafi


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