More Than 185 Sessions & Events Announced for SXSW EDU 2023

10.19 SXSW EDU 2023 Announcement

With over 1,200 incredible session proposals submitted to PanelPicker®, we are excited to announce the first big wave of accepted sessions for SXSW EDU 2023! As always, the community is at the center of SXSW EDU, with most sessions being crowdsourced from PanelPicker.

Since the PanelPicker submission window closed on July 24, the community, SXSW EDU Advisory Board, and SXSW EDU staff have thoughtfully reviewed every proposal. The final proposal grades are derived from advisory board evaluations (40%), staff review (30%), and public voting (30%).

This initial lineup highlights an increase of content supporting indigenous voices, student agency, gamification, teacher retention, and more that might surprise you. We see that reflected in the tracks, with the majority of sessions in Practice & Pedagogy and Equity & Justice, followed closely by Work Reimagined, Community Initiatives, and Arts & Storytelling.

SXSW EDU convenes a global community every March with diverse voices from all over the world participating. In this announcement, voices from Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, France, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Serbia, Spain, and the United Kingdom are represented.

Browse the exciting lineup below and begin to save your favorites in the SXSW EDU Schedule for March 6-9, 2023. Register to attend today to secure your spot and save on the walkup rate!


Meet Up

Calling All EDU Content Creators! (Community Initiatives)
Global Connections Meet Up (Global Initiatives)
Greenbelt Hike with Explore Austin (Health & Wellbeing)
Prioritizing Anti-Racism in Education Research (Equity & Justice)
Redefining Creative Workforce Pathways Meet Up (Work Reimagined)
Reimagining the Role of Philanthropy in Education (Startups & Investment)
The Village Meet Up: Advocates for Neurodiversity (Accessibility & Inclusion)


The Fairytale Project: Pedagogy & Performance (Arts & Storytelling)


Defining Success in the Latinx Community (Equity & Justice)
Equitable Apprenticeships for Young Adults (Work Reimagined)
Lessons from This 'Golden Age' of Learning Science (Practice & Pedagogy)
Right Sizing the University (Emerging Tech)
Tomorrow's Principal (Work Reimagined)


Achieve Investor-Founder Fit in Early-Stage EdTech (Startups & Investment)
Amplifying Self-Advocate Voices with Storytelling (Accessibility & Inclusion)
Barbershop Books: A Community-Based Approach (Community Initiatives)
Center Student Voice & Thinking to Make Change (Practice & Pedagogy)
Closing the Gap: Black Girls in STEM (Community Initiatives)
Confronting Our Bias Against Childhood (Practice & Pedagogy)
Designing Innovative Multimedia Programs for K-12 (Arts & Storytelling)
Digital Equity and AI in Education (Equity & Justice)
Disability-Led Innovation = Improved Education (Accessibility & Inclusion)
Disrupting Censorship in Schools (Equity & Justice)
Diversifying America's Teacher Pipeline (Equity & Justice)
Exercising Emotions: Why SEL Must Be Physical (Health & Well-being)
How Knowing Our Brain Transforms the World (Accessibility & Inclusion)
How to Explain Through Humor (Practice & Pedagogy)
In Students We Trust: The Solidarity Generation (Policy & Civic Engagement)
Investigating XR's Effectiveness in Multisensory (Accessibility & Inclusion)
No More Trauma: Pain Narratives in College Essays (Equity & Justice)
Noticement: Amplify Community & Connection (Community Initiatives)
Reframing & Taking Action on Global Water Issues (Global Initiatives)
Student Agency + Social Advocacy in the Classroom (Practice & Pedagogy)
Supporting Women at Work: Lessons from a CEO (Work Reimagined)
The Case for Death Education in High Schools (Health & Wellbeing)
The Forgotten Population: The Neurodiverse (Accessibility & Inclusion)
The Success Business: How Universities Must Adapt (Equity & Justice)
The Tuition-Free Online University of the Future (Global Initiatives)
The Wage Gap for Women Starts with Student Debt (Equity & Justice)
What Being a Magician Taught Me About Education (Arts & Storytelling)
Why Porn Literacy Belongs in Sex Education (Health & Wellbeing)


“Arthur”: Imagining the Series for a New Medium (Arts & Storytelling)
A Fast-Track Associate Degree (Work Reimagined)
A Framework for Youth-Adult Co-Creation (Arts & Storytelling)
A New Era of Learning & Mobility at Work (Work Reimagined)
All In: How Educators Can Support Student Activism (Policy & Civic Engagement)
An “Intelligent Tutor” for Every Student (Emerging Tech)
Are Smartphones the Next Teen Addiction Crisis? (Health & Wellbeing)
Are You Series A Ready? All About Fundraising! (Startups & Investment)
Best Practices in Supporting the ECE Workforce (Work Reimagined)
Beyond 1:1 - Digital Inclusion for All Students (Accessibility & Inclusion)
Beyond Pressing Play: Podcasting in the Classroom (Arts & Storytelling)
Beyond Recruiting: Designing Alliances with HBCUs (Community Initiatives)
Beyond Tech Skills: Community Through Coding (Community Initiatives)
Beyond the PTA: Reimagining Parent Engagement (Community Initiatives)
Bilingualism in Our Bones: Saving Home Languages (Equity & Justice)
Black Families Matter–Policing in Child Welfare (Equity & Justice)
Breaking Down Barriers Through Education Benefits (Work Reimagined)
Building Literacy Access for Black Boys (Equity & Justice)
Changing Activism: How Gen Z is Taking Action (Policy & Civic Engagement)
Closing Advanced Coursework Equity Gaps (Equity & Justice)
Continuous Improvement: A Tool to Pursue Equity (Practice & Pedagogy)
Counteracting Book Bans Through Libraries (Community Initiatives)
Creating Unique Partnerships to Uplift Communities (Community Initiatives)
CTE CyberNet: Strengthening Our Cyber Workforce (Work Reimagined)
Culture Change: Transforming Native Higher-Ed (Equity & Justice)
Daring Conversations on Radicalization & Violence (Health & Wellbeing)
Data Training in a Web 3.0 Future (Emerging Tech)
DEIA: Expanding Career Paths for People with Disabilities (Work Reimagined)
Democratizing Early Literacy Through Innovation (Emerging Tech)
Designing Credentials for Innovative School Models (Emerging Tech)
Designing Inclusive Playful Learning Experiences (Accessibility & Inclusion)
Designing Powerful Schools & Communities (Community Initiatives)
Developing & Assessing Creative Skills with AI (Emerging Tech)
Educator Teams: Early Results & HR Implications (Work Reimagined)
Ending the Opioid Crisis with Schools (Health & Wellbeing)
Fixing the Lack of Diverse Leadership in Higher Ed (Equity & Justice)
Foster Diversity with HiEd & K-12 Collaborations (Practice & Pedagogy)
Fostering the Next Generation of Storytellers (Arts & Storytelling)
From Prison to Potential—The Role of Higher Ed (Equity & Justice)
Gamechanger: Equitable Housing’s Link to Education (Equity & Justice)
How Education Drives Equity & Empowerment at Work (Work Reimagined)
How to Invest for Tomorrow’s Labor Market (Startups & Investment)
Incubating Female Students into Entrepreneurs (Community Initiatives)
Innovation in Rural Education (Community Initiatives)
Investor Talk: Skills, Employability, & Pathways (Startups & Investment)
Is College Worth It? Re-bundling Higher Education (Practice & Pedagogy)
Is Virtual Learning the Disruptor Teaching Needs? (Work Reimagined)
K-12 Assessments of the Future (Practice & Pedagogy)
Leadership: The First Step in Unifying ECE Systems (Policy & Civic Engagement)
Learning in Immersive Experiences is the Future (Emerging Tech)
Lessons from Past Policy for Future Technology (Emerging Tech)
Making Learning Fun With Short-Form Video (Practice & Pedagogy)
Microinternships at the Margins (Work Reimagined)
Museum & School District Create Partnership (Community Initiatives)
Myth Busting: AI’s Role in Teaching & Learning (Emerging Tech)
No BS: Bringing Humanities Degrees to Space (Work Reimagined)
Online Backlash: Bad Policy Holds Students Back (Policy & Civic Engagement)
Online Graduate Education at Research Universities (Practice & Pedagogy)
Pathways for Global Affairs on College Campuses (Global Initiatives)
Policy Change Making Data Science “The New Basic” (Policy & Civic Engagement)
Promoting Racial Equity in Early Intervention (Policy & Civic Engagement)
Public Health Stories: Inspiring STEM Learning (Practice & Pedagogy)
Reading Reimagined: Why is THIS Not Talked About? (Practice & Pedagogy)
Redesigning College Applications Around Inclusion (Equity & Justice)
Scaling Tech Innovation for the Autism Community (Emerging Tech)
School is Roleplaying: TTRPGs as Learning Tools (Arts & Storytelling)
Science in Culture: Literature, Hip Hop, & Dance (Arts & Storytelling)
Serving Adult Learners: An Equity Imperative (Practice & Pedagogy)
Shaping Narratives that Help Young People Thrive (Arts & Storytelling)
Spellebrities of the Scripps National Spelling Bee (Practice & Pedagogy)
Strengthening Family Connections at Rikers Island (Community Initiatives)
Summer Reading: Bridging Language Immersion Gaps (Global Initiatives)
Tactical Media Literacy for Vulnerable Communities (Global Initiatives)
Teaching Artists: Bridging Creativity & Community! (Arts & Storytelling)
Teaching Black Genius, Ourselves (Equity & Justice)
Teaching Politics in the Deep Red South (Practice & Pedagogy)
The Current State of Digital Game-based Learning (Practice & Pedagogy)
The EdTech Product Diaries: 3 Real-Life Stories (Startups & Investment)
The High Stakes of School Board Politics (Policy & Civic Engagement)
The Neurodiverse & the Teacher Shortage Crisis (Accessibility & Inclusion)
The Power of Together: Solving the Skills Gap (Community Initiatives)
The Race to Secure 1 Million Teachers of Color (Equity & Justice)
The Trouble with the Superintendency (Work Reimagined)
Transforming Cities into Playful Learning Spaces (Policy & Civic Engagement)
Unlocking the Power of High-Impact Tutoring (Practice & Pedagogy)
We Are Not a Stereotype: Imagining Asian Education (Equity & Justice)
What Is Educators' Role in Student Mental Health? (Health & Wellbeing)
What We Learned About Education - 2022 Elections (Policy & Civic Engagement)
Why are Dollars Going to Data Literacy? (Startups & Investment)
Why Women are Rising to the Top in Education (Work Reimagined)
Will the Metaverse Disrupt Equity Gaps? (Emerging Tech)
Without Roe: Impact on Education & Workforce (Work Reimagined)


#Squadgoals: Fostering Inclusion in Diverse Teams (Practice & Pedagogy)
Artful Idea: Critical Creativity & Global Learners (Practice & Pedagogy)
Automation, Imagination, & the New Way to Work (Work Reimagined)
Boost Hiring Outcomes for URM's with Data & Drive (Work Reimagined)
Bringing Justice to the Science Classroom (Equity & Justice)
Building a Bipartisan Path Forward in Education (Policy & Civic Engagement)
Building Community in a Time of Chaos (Equity & Justice)
Circle Keepers: Youth Led Restorative Justice! (Equity & Justice)
Civil Rights Practicum: The 1961 Freedom Riders (Equity & Justice)
Community Care: Black Feminist Eco Approach (Practice & Pedagogy)
Creative Hustle: Imagination + Ambition = Change (Work Reimagined)
Culture to the Max! Where Culture Meets Education (Equity & Justice)
Develop an Engineering Mindset: An Equity Strategy (Practice & Pedagogy)
Developing Antiracist, Pro-Human Students: (Equity & Justice)
Filming TikToks to Teach Writing Thesis Statements (Practice & Pedagogy)
Find Flow & Let Go—Visual SEL Tools to Get Unstuck (Practice & Pedagogy)
Gamifying Questioning (Practice & Pedagogy)
Giving a S***: Design for a Better World (Practice & Pedagogy)
Go Upstream: Preservice Future of Data Literacy (Practice & Pedagogy)
Hate: It's a School Safety Issue (Equity & Justice)
Here's How to Actually DESIGN the Future of School (Arts & Storytelling)
How Planned Parenthood, Brady & You Empower Gen Z (Policy & Civic Engagement)
How to Pitch Right the First Time & EVERY Time (Startups & Investment)
How to Teach Asian American History + Heritage (Equity & Justice)
How Trauma Impacts Learning (Health & Wellbeing)
Innovation Sports: A Blend of STEM & Esports (Practice & Pedagogy)
Inventing the Future, From Your Classroom (Practice & Pedagogy)
MTSS -Success & Wellness for All Students (Health & Wellbeing)
Prepare for Adventure: Learn to Use RPGs to Teach (Arts & Storytelling)
Problem-Finding Skills: UX, Iteration, & Feedback (Work Reimagined)
Revolutionary Scholarship: Justice & the Classroom (Equity & Justice)
School Design for Equitable Outcomes (Equity & Justice)
STEAM Meets SEL: Building Empathy Through Data (Practice & Pedagogy)
Strengthening Communities Through Rural Innovation (Practice & Pedagogy)
Student Responses to Cultural Humility Training (Equity & Justice)
The Promises & Perils of Artificial Intelligence (Emerging Tech)
Turn Conference Inspiration & Ideas into Action (Practice & Pedagogy)
White Supremacy & Antisemitism on Campus (Equity & Justice)


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Student Startup Competition


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SXSW EDU 2023 speakers (left to right, top to bottom) Shai Reshef, Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley, Alvin Irby photo by Karlon Cromwell, Rebecca Kantar photo by Rozette Rago, Angel Rivera, Susan Patrick. Speaker photos courtesy of the speakers.

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