By Jessica Crabbe



Five Awesome SXSW EDU Mobile App Features

Five Awesome SXSW EDU Mobile App Features - SXSW EDU Mobile App graphic.

There are numerous tools available to help you navigate your SXSW EDU experience but the official mobile app is one of the best tools for making the most of the event.

1. Get Matched With Attendees Who Share Your Interest

The SXSW EDU app has a few unique features designed to increase networking opportunities for attendees.

Attendee Match uses your unique profile tags to match you with attendees who share your interest. You can then browse the list of attendees you have been matched with, view their profile, send them a direct message or share your notes. There's no limit to the number of tags you can add to your profile and these can be as narrow or broad as you'd like.

How To Use Attendee Match

  • Go to your profile, which is the first selection in the right hand menu, above "My Favorites." Select "View my profile" and then "EDIT TAGS".
  • Add tags that align to your interest and background then hit save.
  • Find and select "Networking" in the right hand menu, this will take you to the Attendee Match interface.
  • Start making connections!

2. Participate in Session Q&A's and Polls

For the third year, SXSW EDU is partnering with with Slido to enhance the Q&A portion of sessions by giving presenters the option of using Slido. This tool makes it easy for speakers to quickly identify and answer questions after their presentation. Watch the video below for a quick overview of how it works.

3. Browse Exhibitor List

SXSW EDU features a number of dynamic exhibition spaces designed to encourage attendees to discover and learn. The app makes it easy to quickly view and learn about the exhibitors participating in each exhibition. Select "Exhibitors" in the right hand menu and then choose the exhibition that you are interested in. Browse through the listing and select the organization to read more about them. Star the exhibitors you are interested so you'll remember to pay them a visit during the event.

4. Rate and Review Sessions

Your feedback is important and allows us to continuously improve the SXSW EDU experience. During the event, March 5-8, attendees will have the option to rate and provide confidential feedback on all of the sessions that they attend.

To review sessions, open the mobile app after the session and navigate to it's app listing. Scroll to the bottom and you enter your review.

5. Favorite The Things Your Interested In

Link your SXSW EDU badge to your EDU Social profile to seamlessly build and sync your schedule. Syncing your schedule keeps it up-to-date and allows you to favorite sessions through both the online schedule and the mobile app without missing a beat.

The mobile app effortlessly organizes all of your favorites and allows you to view the schedule, speakers, exhibitors, and attendees that you have starred. To view these list select "My Favorites" in the right hand menu.

Download the SXSW EDU 2018 mobile app for iOS and Android today to start using these features and more!

By Jessica Crabbe