Business Community & EdTech Professionals at SXSW EDU 2024

At the dynamic intersection of business and edtech, professionals like you play a key role in shaping academic success and the future of learning in a rapidly evolving landscape. Whether you’re part of the business community or a technologist, your unique perspective contributes to revolutionizing educational experiences.

Join SXSW EDU in this journey of exploration and collaboration and hear from diverse perspectives specializing in cutting-edge educational technologies, business strategies, and entrepreneurial success. Explore the importance of integrating technology and business practices into the classroom through our diverse programming.

Top Sessions to Attend as Business & EdTech Professionals

Participate in the interactive workshop Stand Out from the Crowd! Building Quality EdTech Solutions to discover best practices for developing top-notch edtech solutions.

Attend the Panel Welcome to the Education Entrepreneur Revolution to learn more about the entrepreneurs who are building new out-of-system ecosystems where everyone is welcome.

Join thought leaders for the Panel EdTech vs. TechEd: Making Emerging Technology Accessible for a discussion on the tools for content delivery, assessment, and instructional support that meet next-level learning experiences.

Tune in to the Panel Educating Future Space Leaders to explore how humanity can prepare for careers that extend beyond global boundaries to become interstellar.

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Connect With Your Peers at Interactive Meet Ups

SXSW EDU is a great place to network and meet up with peers who have interests similar to yours! Take this opportunity to connect with like-minded attendees at a variety of meet ups that align with your role:

To learn more about how federal agencies can be a resource for creative learning, add STEAM Meet Up with the Federal Games Guild! to your schedule.

Attend the Global EdTech Founder Meetup! to meet others who believe that edtech startups are crucial for a better world of learning.

Join other math educators at the Meet Up: Teaching Math in the World of AI to collaborate, ask questions, learn from each other, and come away ready to take on teaching math in an AI world.

Add the Meet Up Collaborative Community Amongst EdTech & District Leadership to your schedule for opportunities of partnership & networking that will work to eliminate silos and foster collaboration amongst Edtech developers and district/school leadership.

Get Inspired By Pioneers in Education

Interested in learning more from entrepreneurs and their education startup journey? Join us for the Launch Startup Competition, presented by the Walton Family Foundation, to hear about emerging innovations and breakthrough technologies that are making an impact on the future of teaching and learning. Watch selected finalists compete live in front of a panel of industry experts and gain feedback on how to improve their entrepreneurial journey.

Later that evening, meet the Launch finalists and semifinalists, network, and celebrate the winners of the competition at the Launch Spotlight.

Elevate Your Entrepreneurial Skills with the SXSW EDU Bootcamp

Meet fellow entrepreneurs, early-stage startups, and founders through the SXSW EDU Bootcamp. Take advantage of the opportunity to gain insight from several global accelerators who have experience in education startups. Navigate how to apply learning science, investments, fundraising and more. Don’t miss the chance to grow your network and mingle with other education entrepreneurs.

Mentors to Meet for Business & EdTech Professionals

Meet with mentors who are leaders in their field to receive advice and insight on entrepreneurship, edtech solutions, and so much more:

  • Ahva Sadeghi - talk to Ahva about financial modeling, raising venture capital and more.
  • Alex Quian - talk to Alex about starting nonprofits and other social ventures and more.
  • Audrey Spencer - talk to Audrey about striking the balance with technologies and utility of technology accelerators in education management systems and more.
  • Coretta Martin - talk to Coretta about innovative edtech solutions development and more.
  • Dan Carroll - talk to Dan about K-12 edtech business models, market approaches, fundraising strategies and more.
  • Ellen Cassidy - talk to Ellen about how to build a seven-figure consultancy with zero dollars in marketing spend and more.
  • Giselle Carpio-Williams - talk to Giselle about transitioning from the classroom to edtech and more.
  • Greg Weatherford II - talk to Greg about starting for-profit and nonprofit organizations, corporate philanthropy funding and more.
  • Hayley Johnston - talk to Hayley about strategic business development solutions, unconventional paths to entrepreneurship, and more.
  • Itmar Olimpio Da Silva - talk to Itmar about tech programs, building startups, and more.
  • LaVonia Montoute - talk to LaVonia about non-profit program management, philanthropy and more.
  • Lillian Rountree - talk to Lillian about marshaling resources for nonprofits, engaging pro bono support, and more.
  • Lucas Mendes - talk to Lucas about business growth, how to scale a project based learning school and more.
  • Megan Johnson - talk to Megan about managing conflicting priorities of a startup, using data to drive informed decision making and more.
  • Michael Cassens - talk to Michael about creating a community in esports, inclusive game development curriculum, and more.
  • Monica Martinez - talk to Monica about Google Workspace for Education, Chromebooks and more.
  • Rachel Sibley - talk to Rachel about AI in education, leveraging Augmented and Virtual reality for immersive training or diversity of education and more.
  • Russell Long - talk to Russell about edtech software providers, startup or growth stage companies, and more.
  • Shannon Terry - talk to Shannon about edtech solutions, AI in education, and more.
  • Wanju Huang - talk to Wanju about systemic learning design mindsets, technology integration strategies and more.

Roundtable Discussion to Join for Business & EdTech Professionals

Meet with mentors and peers in a group discussion setting:

Join the Roundtable Mentoring Women of Color for Leadership Roles for thoughtful discussion on mentoring women of color for leadership roles.

Attend the Roundtable Designing EdTech for Educators and Students to dive into designing edtech for educators and students.

Add the Roundtable Managing Teams for the Future of Work to your schedule if you are interested in diverse perspectives on managing teams for the future of work.

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By Lizzy Byrom