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Priya Parker and Baratunde Thurston

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Keynote Sessions

Powerful Teaching: Unleash the Science of Learning
Priya Parker & Baratunde Thurston
Reimagining Education with Students at the Center
When Culture Wars Come to School

Featured Sessions

Advancing Climate Action in Schools
Confronting Systemic Barriers in Higher Education
Disrupting Racial Inequities in K-12 Schools
E-V-O-L-V-E: Reimagining the Scripps Bee
Global Access to Education: Knowledge Is a Human Right
HBCUs Embracing the Future of Work
How Student Developers Are Saving the World
Infrastructure for the Future of Education R&D
Misinformation On Social Media: What Can Be Done?
Momentum & Movement: Black Women in Film
Talking Student Mental Health with DMC from RUN DMC
The Power of Data & its Limits
World Building: Prototyping Future of Education


Approaching Dance from an Inclusive Perspective
Drag Queen Story Hour
Raise Your Voices: Songs for Social Change
Show U How To Do This: Hip-Hop Educators Rock Mics

Special Programs

International Women’s Day Celebration
The Future of Workforce Education Series

Studio Interviews

SXSW EDU Studio with Angela Duckworth
SXSW EDU Studio with Antonia Hylton & Mike Hixenbaugh
SXSW EDU Studio with Black Benatar & Lil Miss Hot Mess (Drag Queen Story Hour)
SXSW EDU Studio with Brittany Hogan and Nic Stone
SXSW EDU Studio with Secretary Cardona
SXSW EDU Studio with Dan Carroll and Craig Narveson
SXSW EDU Studio with Darryl “DMC” McDaniels
SXSW EDU Studio with James Miles & Mike Kleba
SXSW EDU Studio with John King
SXSW EDU Studio with Kailee Scales
SXSW EDU Studio with Kim Snyder
SXSW EDU Studio with Mary Schmidt Campbell and David Thomas
SXSW EDU Studio with Max Klymenko
SXSW EDU Studio with Dr. Pooja Agarwal
SXSW EDU Studio with Sam Seidel, Tony Simmons, and Dr. Michael Lipset
SXSW EDU Studio with Sarah Hernholm
SXSW EDU Studio with Tequilla Brownie
SXSW EDU Studio with Zaila Avant-garde

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CPE Sessions

SXSW EDU has partnered with the Association of Texas Professional Educators (ATPE) to provide attendees with continuing professional education (CPE) credits. Explore this list of sessions accredited for CPE credits to find more than 40 sessions available on VOD providing a unique code at the end of each session.

Visit to create an account and access their online professional learning to earn credits with SXSW EDU sessions. You do not have to be an ATPE member to claim credits. Learn more about how to claim your credits.

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By Nicole Krause