Carol Dweck, David Yeager, & Mary Murphy on Human Motivation [VIDEO]

Carol Dweck, one of the most influential and pioneering social science scholars of the past three decades, joined David Yeager, Associate Professor of Developmental Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin, and Mary Murphy the Herman B. Wells Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences and Associate Vice Provost for Diversity and Inclusion at Indiana University, for a virtual SXSW EDU session.

Their discussion examined the science of human motivation. In the past decade, scientists have shown definitively that people’s mindsets—their beliefs about themselves and their place in the world—can shape motivation and enhance learning. The next decade will be about using this knowledge to make lasting changes in teaching and learning contexts and to reduce achievement disparities at scale. In the context of what we have achieved, this session unveils grand challenges for the future and shows how scientists and practitioners will work together to solve them.

"We believe that the power of growth mindset can not be known, can not be fulfilled, until we learn how to create cultures that instill a growth mindset and sustain it."

–Carol Dweck, Lewis And Virginia Eaton Professor Of Psychology at Stanford University

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By Jessica Crabbe