David Bowles, Darcie Little Badger, & Daniel Nayeri on Border Crossing & Sacred Stories [VIDEO]

In a discussion moderated by Sam Houston State University Professor Rose Brock, authors David Bowles, Darcie Little Badger, and Daniel Nayeri from Levine Querido publishing come together in a virtual discussion to reflect on borders in their work as told through ancestral stories, storytelling, and legendary heroes.

In this SXSW EDU featured session the three authors share how ancient knowledge and epic pasts shaped their stories and explore ways that different cultures pass down oral history. The intersection of borders has no limit, as borders can be seen between the living and dead, countries, people, and narrative structures.

"Storytelling is about performance, and every performance is about the intersection of the storyteller's own interest and character and so forth, and the audience's interest and character. And where those two things come together, this new version of the story emerges that can only exist at the moment of performance."

– David Bowles, Author and Translator at Levine Querido

Watch the entire session, Border Crossing & Sacred Stories, as well as other SXSW EDU 2020 videos on our YouTube channel.

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By Jessica Crabbe