Autism Goes to College Q&A with Caroline Benner, Guillermo Guzman, & More [VIDEO]

Caroline Benner, Aniella Fields, Guillermo Guzman, Erik Linthorst, and Jonathan Martin came together to discuss the film Autism Goes to College and navigating college and life as a student on the spectrum.

Autism Goes to College is a first of its kind film, packed with honest insights for students, parents and educators offering an eye-opening look at what a growing number of neurodiverse students are bringing to campus. As the film shares, every fall more and more students on the spectrum who are capable of academic work at the college level go off to college. Getting in is often easy enough, but navigating college on the spectrum can be challenging in many ways. So students are figuring it out by doing it.

Rogue Art Films Producer, Erik Linthorst, moderated the conversation with four recent college graduates featured in the film, Caroline Benner, Aniella Fields, Guillermo Guzman, and Jonathan Martin.

"I just feel like having that level of understanding for your students with disabilities or autism is really important for professors and to understand where each student is coming from so we can advocate for ourselves, so we can tell what our needs are, so there is that level of understanding."

–Caroline Benner

Autism Goes to College

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By Jessica Crabbe