Announcing Elena Favilli, ARTECHOUSE Installation, & More

Featured speaker Elena Favilli, After Parkland film, and Foster film.

Announcing Elena Favilli, author of Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls, as a featured speaker for SXSW EDU. She will explore how we can use storytelling as a route to gender equity in the classroom. Her session will be followed by a book signing.

Additionally, we are thrilled to share that SXSW EDU will host an art installation, ARTECHOUSE PRESENTS: Future Sketches by Zach Lieberman, in partnership with the SXSW Art Program. This is a compilation of engaging, extraordinary installations that combine creativity, artistic vision, and cutting edge R&D.

Late-breaking additions to the program include more film screenings and special programming.


Elena Favilli - Award-winning author and journalist Elena Favilli published the most crowdfunded literary project in history, Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls in 2016. She subsequently founded Rebel Girls, a digital media company dedicated to highlighting and exploring the lives of trailblazing women.

Film Screenings

Autism Goes to College – Autism Goes to College is a first of its kind film, packed with honest insights for students, parents and educators offering an eye-opening look at what a growing number of neurodiverse students are bringing to campus.

Foster – Foster goes beyond the sensational headlines and stereotypes to take an unprecedented look at an often misunderstood world and upend some of the most enduring myths about foster care and those involved in the system.

After Parkland – After Parkland is a rare and intimate portrait of the private journeys of those who rose to challenge the nation to end gun violence in the wake of a shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL.

Art Installation

SXSW Art Program and ARTECHOUSE PRESENTS: Future Sketches by Zach Lieberman - You are invited to imagine different possible futures - at the intersection of computation and design, for the interaction between humans and computers, where the boundaries between the visible and invisible are broken down, using expressive augmented reality.

Special Programs

Algorithmic Hiring Center Experience - RemakeLearning, KnowledgeWorks, CMU-ETC, local teens, and the equityXinnovation Lab have teamed up to create an immersive exhibit to the world of work in 2040. Consider how readiness for work might be measured and what learning experiences might be crucial to help make a job applicant ready for the workforce of 2040.

EX Machina: Why Humans Working in Tech Need Stories – Storytelling’s superpower goes both ways - it’s the best way to communicate to stakeholders, and a powerful way to learn from them. When we “listen for the story” this form of communication comes alive in a fresh way, and User Experience (UX) evolves into Education Experience (EX).

Hey SXSW EDU! We Brought the Classroom to You! – Come see students in action from Davis Elementary in this simulated classroom! Attendees will be able to observe and interact with students, and also ask the teacher and principal questions about the school’s ongoing efforts to make school more engaging and challenging for all learners.

Lightning Talks: Innovating the K-12 Classroom, presented by AT&T – Hear from 12 education technology company founders, each with innovative products to help you transform your teaching. Impress your kids with lessons based on Hip Hop lyrics! Challenge them to a relay race that they code themselves!


Leadership Journeys – A Celebration, presented by Big Picture Learning - Join exceptional system leaders as they share deeply personal stories in this celebration of their collective dopeness. This multi-media collaboration replaces turntables with slide decks, without the sacrifice of soul. Light snacks, beverages and real talk will be served.

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Photo of featured speaker Elena Favilli, After Parkland film, and Foster film.

By Jessica Crabbe