300+ Sessions & Events Announced for SXSW EDU

EDU 2020 Sessions Announced

The news is out – we're elated to announce the first big wave of sessions and events for SXSW EDU 2020. The robust list of sessions listed below comes after a long and rigorous review. A record number of 1,708 session proposals were received during PanelPicker. As a refresher, PanelPicker is the two-step process that asks the community to first enter session ideas and then vote on them. The threefold voting step includes feedback from the Advisory Board, public, and SXSW EDU staff.

From sessions exploring social justice to student voice, this list of programming below is wide-ranging. The initial lineup also includes podcasts, which are new for 2020. To no surprise, the K-12 and Higher Education tracks contain the most sessions. The Equity and Emerging Tech & Development tracks trail closely behind.

Browse the lineup below and login to the official SXSW EDU Schedule to begin saving your favorite sessions for March 9-12, 2020.



I Have Autism. Let's Talk! (Accessibility & Inclusion)
EdTech Product Dilemmas: Who's the Real User? (Emerging Tech & Development)
Implicit Bias: Reframing Our Assumptions (Equity)
The Role of Black Parents in Educational Advocacy (Equity)
Blackout: The Miseducation of Black Girls (Equity)
The Space Between (K-12 and Higher Ed) (Higher Education)
Gen Alpha Can Save Democracy — Will We Let Them? (K-12 Education)
World Changers: Schools That Make a Difference (K-12 Education)
What Makes Educational Experiences Transformative? (Science of Learning)

Case Study

Creating an Inclusive STEAM Design Learning Lab (Accessibility & Inclusion)
Achieving Inclusion in Higher Education (Accessibility & Inclusion)
Building an Inclusive Maker Community (Equity)
Arts & Tech to Empower Young Creative Changers (Global Education)
Women, Tech & Education in Developing Nations (Global Education)
100% Outcomes Funding: A Retrospective (Higher Education)
How to Scale a Statewide Stopout Solution (Higher Education)
What If School Didn't Feel Like School? (Informal Learning)
How Anonymous Reporting Is Saving Lives in Schools (K-12 Education)
Career Tech: The Brain Drain Antidote (K-12 Education)
Equal Opportunity in Finlit and Finance (K-12 Education)
A Pathway for Students When a College Closes (Leadership)
Interrupting the School-to-Prison Pipeline (Policy & Civic Engagement)
How Trauma Informed Schools Develop Learners (SEL & Wellness)
Teens as Changemakers: SEL Through Game Design (SEL & Wellness)
Heroes on the Screen to Heroes in Real Life (SEL & Wellness)


Rock Autism (Accessibility & Inclusion)
XR Adventures for Students with Super-Abilities (Accessibility & Inclusion)
Technology for the Brain in Special Education (Accessibility & Inclusion)
Let's Talk About the Discussion Forum (Adult Learning)
Why the Arts Belong in Business Schools (Arts)
Why Ed Tech Is Not Used and What to Do About It (Business & Investment)
How to Launch Your Startup Successfully (Business & Investment)
How VR Helps Struggling Early Readers (Early Learning)
Reskilling for Robots: How You Can Prepare (Emerging Tech & Development)
Books 2.0: Why Reading Needs to Go Digital (Emerging Tech & Development)
Roo - The Inclusive Sex Ed Chatbot for Teens (Emerging Tech & Development)
Training a Workforce for an Immersive World (Emerging Tech & Development)
Student-based Product Design: Efficacy in Action (Emerging Tech & Development)
Debunking the Myth of Future Criminality for COIP (Equity)
Eliminating the School to Prison Pipeline (Equity)
Look for the Helpers: Fostering Computing Allyship (Equity)
Rigor as Social Justice (Equity)
The Hip-Hop Future School: A MakerSpace Approach (Equity)
Giving Refugee Teens a ‘Future Self’ (Global Education)
The Humanities in the New Landscape of Higher Ed (Higher Education)
Designing Information Delivery of the Future (Higher Education)
Can Higher Education Revive the American Dream? (Higher Education)
Who Gen Z Is and Why You Should Care (Higher Education)
How to Innovate & Improve Your Campus for No Cost (Higher Education)
What You Won't Find in College Curriculum (Higher Education)
Beyond the Tech Gender Gap: iSTEM in Rural Areas (Higher Education)
Inspiring Meaningful Engagement Amid Diverse Views (Higher Education)
Last Mile to Last Cell: Online Education in Prison (Higher Education)
Jazz Improvisation as a Model for Education (K-12 Education)
Modernizing High School Math, At Last (K-12 Education)
Focus on Outcomes; Digital Speech-Language Therapy (K-12 Education)
Schools Teach Civics, But Do They Model It? (K-12 Education)
Black Boarding Schools Impact Future of Learning (K-12 Education)
The Power of Plants to Improve Student Outcomes (K-12 Education)
Maximizing the Relationship: Principals & APs (Leadership)
From Policy to Practice: #DigCit for Ed Leaders (Leadership)
Developing Racially Conscious School Leaders (Leadership)
D & I: Claiming Spaces of Power & Owning It (Leadership)
Boost Learning and Thinking Through Brain Science (Science of Learning)
Using the Teenage Brain to Understand Their Brain (Science of Learning)
The Seven C's of Learning: Moving Beyond Content (Science of Learning)
Burnout Is a Community Issue Not an Individual One (SEL & Wellness)
Reach Them Before You Teach Them! (SEL & Wellness)
Building Powerful Youth Movements (Student Agency)

Hands On

How Improvisation Empowers Diverse Learners (Accessibility & Inclusion)
Augmented Learning for Diverse Students (Accessibility & Inclusion)
Easy Is Boring; Design for New Knowledge (Arts)
Multiplayer AR Lessons in the Streets & Classroom (Emerging Tech & Development)
LIVE Digital Learning Using Museums (K-12 Education)
Teacher + Chef = Food as an Engaging Teaching Tool (K-12 Education)
There Are No Mistakes, Just Happy Sketchnotes (K-12 Education)
Cactus Makes Perfect: Garden, Kitchen and Culture (K-12 Education)

Meet Up

‘It Gets Better!’: An LGBTQ+ Meet Up (Equity)
Gender Nonconforming Educator Hangout (Equity)
Network for Educational Justice: Inaugural Meet Up (Equity)
Centering Antiracism Equity & Justice in Admission (Equity)
Latinx for Student Success (Higher Education)
Social Media in Higher Education Meet Up (Higher Education)
Fostering Belonging for Nontraditional Students (Higher Education)
Museum, Informal, & Out-of-School Time Meetup (Informal Learning)
Media Literacy: Students As Thinkers and Makers (K-12 Education)
Social Emotional Learning Educators Unite! (SEL & Wellness)


Learning Online with a Disability #OnMyTerms (Accessibility & Inclusion)
Designing for Dancers with Disabilities (Accessibility & Inclusion)
Innovating for Adult Postsecondary Success (Adult Learning)
New Ideas in Education for Transitioning Veterans (Adult Learning)
Unraveling the Adult Literacy Crisis (Adult Learning)
Beating the Bottomline Through Employer-based ESL (Adult Learning)
Unstuck in the Middle: Building a Skills Spectrum (Adult Learning)
What's Next for the Presidents' Forum (Adult Learning)
Hip Hop’s Emerging Educational Industry (Arts)
Professional Development in Community Arts (Arts)
We Failed. Lessons in Teen Entrepreneurship. (Business & Investment)
Get That Grant! Tips & Trends From Philanthropists (Business & Investment)
Do Brands Have a Role to Play in the Classroom? (Business & Investment)
Emerging Strategies for Employee Retention (Business & Investment)
A New Vision for EdTech Accelerators (Business & Investment)
What Do Investors Look for in Edu Entrepreneurs? (Business & Investment)
Supporting Racial Equity Through Impact Investing (Business & Investment)
Nothing for the Community Without the Community (Early Learning)
Democratizing Early Literacy Through Innovation (Early Learning)
Whole Child + Dual Language for Young Learners (Early Learning)
Alexa, Enroll Me In College: Blockchain & HigherEd (Emerging Tech & Development)
Meaningful Play with Virtual Technology in School (Emerging Tech & Development)
Will Speech Technology Transform Education? (Emerging Tech & Development)
Narrative's Power to Improve Equity (Emerging Tech & Development)
Mapping the EdTech Genome: What Works Where & Why (Emerging Tech & Development)
The Future Is Now: Games as Assessment (Emerging Tech & Development)
Creativity vs Coding: The Skill Set of Tomorrow (Emerging Tech & Development)
Upskilling a Global AI Community (Emerging Tech & Development)
How It’s Made: The “Data Privacy Decision” Edition (Emerging Tech & Development)
BLACK BOYS: Navigating the Narrative (Equity)
Girls Need Love Too: What Will It Take to Thrive? (Equity)
Q+ Edu: Meeting the Needs of LGBTQ+ Students (Equity)
SO UNLADYLIKE-Elevating Hidden History of US Women (Equity)
Black and Brown Get Down (Equity)
Making Good on the Promise of Brown v. Board (Equity)
Hacking Tech’s Equity Gaps (Equity)
When Punishing Tech Use Widens the Social Divide (Equity)
The Next Reading Revolution (Equity)
Combating Recidivism Through Education (Equity)
Finally Moving the Needle for Girls in STEM (Equity)
Innovations in Girls’ Education Around the World (Global Education)
Virtual Exchange: Global Learning in the Classroom (Global Education)
Empowering Youth Across Borders (Global Education)
Catalyzing the Next Gen of STEM Global Citizens (Global Education)
Getting Students Career Ready with Design Thinking (Global Education)
How France Is Solving for the Skills Gap (Global Education)
The Power of Stories of Belonging in College (Higher Education)
Pilots Adrift: Scalability in the Educational Sea (Higher Education)
Breaking the Poverty Cycle: A Funder's Perspective (Higher Education)
There’s a Meme for That: HigherEd MultiGen Clashes (Higher Education)
Undocumented and Undeterred: Dreamers on Campus (Higher Education)
Free College: The Reality and the Promise (Higher Education)
From HBCU to PhD: Social Capital & Student Success (Higher Education)
Student Reflections: Belonging in Higher Ed (Higher Education)
We Need Liberal Education in Community College (Higher Education)
#BlackBoss: Educating & Creating Diverse Founders (Higher Education)
Education and Paths to Employment (Higher Education)
Creating a Space for Genomics in All Classrooms (Informal Learning)
Sustainability & Social Justice in K-12 Schools (K-12 Education)
Workforce Counselors Guiding Pathways for Seniors (K-12 Education)
29,407 Reasons to Build a Community of Practice (K-12 Education)
Teaching Kids About News Without Freaking Them Out (K-12 Education)
Preparing K-8 Students for the Future of Work (K-12 Education)
Partnering for Public Health: A STEM Approach (K-12 Education)
Proclamation 2020: Texas Delivers Digital Equity (K-12 Education)
Building Social Capital @Scale Through Internships (K-12 Education)
Reimagining School Lunches for America’s Children (K-12 Education)
Mars Mapping Project: Engaging All Students (K-12 Education)
Classroom Collaborations to Save the Planet (K-12 Education)
Talent Management in the Age of Teacher Shortage (K-12 Education)
49ers STEM Leadership Institute: A Case Study (K-12 Education)
Digital Fabrication & Making: Learning for All (K-12 Education)
Principals from Coast to Coast (Leadership)
Elevate Literacy and Empower Readers & Leaders (Leadership)
Leadership Journeys: Stories of Truth,Vulnerability (Leadership)
Reimagining Civic Education for the 21st Century (Policy & Civic Engagement)
Every Course Counts! Data and the Whole Child (Policy & Civic Engagement)
For Us By Us: Community Created Education Policy (Policy & Civic Engagement)
The Politics of Higher Education: Election 2020 (Policy & Civic Engagement)
Civics on the Legislative Slate (Policy & Civic Engagement)
School Safety: A Preventative Approach (Policy & Civic Engagement)
Brain Waste to Brain Gain: Skilled Immigrants (Policy & Civic Engagement)
Stand & Deliberate: Civil Discourse in Education (Policy & Civic Engagement)
Igniting Classroom Practices with Learning Science (Science of Learning)
Does Audio Work for Learning? (Science of Learning)
Redefining Masculinity in Sports (SEL & Wellness)
Preventing Violent Extremism in the Classroom (SEL & Wellness)
Student Wellbeing Through Classroom Design (SEL & Wellness)
Saving Superman: Investing in Educator Self-Care (SEL & Wellness)
Pass the Mic: Students Discuss Equity in Civics (Student Agency)
Shaping the Next Generation of Youth Leaders (Student Agency)
How Gen Z Is Covering the 2020 Election (Student Agency)
The Role of Student Activism in Schools (Student Agency)
Student Voices: First, but Not Alone (Student Agency)


How Successful Entrepreneurs Learn New Skills (Business & Investment)
How Do You Build a Career in EdTech? (Emerging Tech & Development)
The Rise of Black Content Creators in Academia (Higher Education)
Tales from the Algorithmic Front Lines (Higher Education)
Work in Progress (Higher Education)
Trending in Education March Madness 2020 (Informal Learning)

Policy Forum

Devastating Impact of a 2020 Census Undercount (Policy & Civic Engagement)
20 Policy Issues, 50 States: What's Ahead for 2020 (Policy & Civic Engagement)

Show & Tell

Giving Billions to Help Millions with FinLit (K-12 Education)


35 Ideas for Accessibility in 30 Minutes! (Accessibility & Inclusion)
Dyslexia Identification+Treatment Across Languages (Accessibility & Inclusion)
Just Like Me: The Importance of Role Models (Accessibility & Inclusion)
Improving College Outcomes: Autistic STEM Students (Accessibility & Inclusion)
The Case for Employer Funded College (Adult Learning)
The UX of Human-Centered Bootcamps Online (Adult Learning)
Decolonizing Investments in Education Innovation (Business & Investment)
Redesigning Philanthropy to Solve Big Challenges (Business & Investment)
Increasing Pre-K Enrollment Through Collaboration (Early Learning)
Building a Learning Neighborhood (Early Learning)
Putting Science into Practice: Birth to Graduation (Early Learning)
China Education Reform, AI Application Cases (Emerging Tech & Development)
What If Educators Could Foresee the Future? (Emerging Tech & Development)
Digital Learning for All with #Techquity (Equity)
Black Kids Are English Language Learners, Too! (Equity)
Multiracial Students: Equity, Inclusion & Advocacy (Equity)
Teaching for Social Justice with Comics (Equity)
Equitable Strategies for Addressing Absenteeism (Equity)
The (STEM) Future Is Female: Strategies & Actions (Equity)
Disrupting the Equity Conversation (Equity)
How Abstinence-Only Programs Harm LGBTQ Youth (Equity)
Questioning Diversity in the K-5 Curriculum (Equity)
Infusing Love & Power in the Classroom (Equity)
Learning Abroad With Black and Latin(x) Students (Global Education)
Talking Tech: The Future of Language Learning (Global Education)
Who's Higher Ed for? A Guide for Advocates (Higher Education)
Digital Learning for Student Success and Equity (Higher Education)
The New Geography of Skills (Higher Education)
Student Entrepreneurialism in the “Minnow Tank” (K-12 Education)
K-12 Entrepreneurship: From 2010 to 2020 & Beyond (K-12 Education)
Bringing Books to Life Using STEM (K-12 Education)
Board Leadership Really Matters (Leadership)
True Life / I Created a School (Leadership)
No Code Needed: Educators as Startups (Leadership)
The PFP&J: SEL for Foster Youth in Philadelphia PA (SEL & Wellness)
Daydream Believers: Inclusive Well-Being by Design (SEL & Wellness)
Peer Driven Entrepreneurial Education for Teens (Student Agency)
Gen Z's Higher Standards for Higher Ed (Student Agency)
How to Lead a Revolution Using Your School Garden (Student Agency)


Be the Bridge: Guiding ELL Families in Special Ed (Accessibility & Inclusion)
Gamification Mechanics for Adult Learning (Adult Learning)
Free to Be ME: Action Poster Series (Arts)
Dream, Create, & Inspire Through Songwriting (Arts)
REPRESENT: Community & Culture in Arts Education (Arts)
Embrace the Mess: Vulnerable Storytelling w/Teens (Arts)
‘Is that Your Mom?’: Supporting Multiracial Kids (Early Learning)
Race and Representation in Children’s Literature (Early Learning)
VR Remix Party 2.0 (Emerging Tech & Development)
Yes, It Really Is Ok to Talk About Race at School (Equity)
CampusForward: Inclusive Campus Design Workshop (Equity)
Intersectional Feminist Lens Classroom Toolkit (Equity)
An 'America to Me' ‘Real Talk’ About Racial Equity (Equity)
LGBTQ Supports in New York City Schools (Equity)
Acting on Inequity: Busting Bias & Upending Power (Equity)
Asian American: Not Your Model Minority (Equity)
Instruction & PL Inclusive of EL Student Needs (Equity)
Cultivating & Empowering Social Justice Scientists (Equity)
Beyond Word Bubbles: Comics & Critical Creativity (Global Education)
Teaching Languages Through Theater and Performance (Global Education)
Tools for Intergroup Dialogue & Building Empathy (Higher Education)
Hate Happens: Does Your Campus Know What to Do? (Higher Education)
Creating A Collaborative Classroom Through Improv (Informal Learning)
StoryMakers and Shakers: Storytelling Off the Page (Informal Learning)
Immigration & Healing Through Cross Media Edu (Informal Learning)
Driving K-12 Innovation: Tools for the Future (K-12 Education)
Supporting Undocumented Families in Our Schools (K-12 Education)
Radical Joy: Learning Through Games and Play (K-12 Education)
Empowering ALL Students Through Blended Learning (K-12 Education)
How to Teach Social Media Soft Skills (K-12 Education)
Inventing Green with Bioplastics (K-12 Education)
Leveraging Teacher Leadership to Enact Change (Leadership)
Takeover: The Offbeat Republic Education Ministry (Leadership)
Hacking Diversity in Education Leadership (Leadership)
Participatory Budgeting: Real Money, Real Power (Policy & Civic Engagement)
Building Public Will with Student Voice (Policy & Civic Engagement)
Is Your Classroom Functioning as a Third Teacher? (Science of Learning)
Journey Mapping edUX Research & Design (Science of Learning)
Filling in the Gaps: the Precursors Needed for SEL (SEL & Wellness)
Choose Your Pathway: Extended Learning Opportunities (Student Agency)
Breaking the Rules in Higher Ed: The Student View (Student Agency)
Poets in Revolt! Amplifying Student Activists (Student Agency)


Amazon Alexa Challenge
Learn by Design
Student Startup


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