Exploring the Potential of EdTech | SXSW EDU 2024

Holographic Horizons: Bridging The Educational Divide - SXSW EDU 2024 - Photo by Melissa Bordeau Mark

Technology is advancing at rapid rates, and so is its inclusion in classrooms. Educators, among other education leaders, are leveraging edtech to enhance their teaching experience and engage students, providing more accessibility, engagement, and collaboration.

This past March, edtech organizations showcased at the SXSW EDU Expo, the central hub for innovations in learning, to share what is next and new in education. Organizations included EXPLR, a streaming video and curriculum service for grades 5-12, EGU, a nonprofit online university, and many more.

On Tuesday of the event, early stage startup entrepreneurs took the Next Stage to present their companies and compete for the grand prize at the Launch Startup Competition, presented by the Walton Family Foundation. Learn more about this year’s winners.

“Not all screen time is equal. There’s a lo of benefits to certain uses of screen time, and even the AAP, who originally put out the guidance… is now backing off and recognizing that it’s time to go beyond ‘just turn it off’ and think about how we utilize these tools.”

Jessica Sierra
Resource Teacher, San Diego County Office of Education

Experts took to the stage to get to the bottom of whether or not edtech is truly helpful, discover how we can engage students better, the benefits of using edtech in early education, and more.

Listen and learn more:

The Balance of EdTech Use

EdTech Strategies in Higher Education

EdTech Outside of the Classroom

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Photo by Melissa Bordeau

By Auva Saghafi