Get Inspired by the 2024 Advisory Board: Explore Higher Education Focused Schedules

SXSW EDU 2023 - Photo by Miguel Esparza

As SXSW EDU approaches and the list of amazing sessions continues to grow, you might feel overwhelmed when planning out your schedule. To give you an idea of what sessions might be the right fit for you, SXSW EDU Advisory Board members have shared the sessions that they plan on attending.

As veteran attendees, these Advisory Board members are experts when it comes to finding Higher Education sessions that might be of interest to you. Excited to share their experiences, board members Noreen Barajas-Murphy and Robin Lerner share the sessions they are most interested in attending, the thematic tracks they are keeping high on their radar, what draws them to a particular session, and their overall goals for the event.

Having trouble narrowing down what sessions look interesting? Find inspiration in those who are in similar fields as you. Explore these higher education related schedules to get you started.

Noreen Barajas-Murphy

Higher Education Ambassador, CDW

What tracks are you interested in?

Equity & Justice | Teaching & Learning | Work Reimagined

What are you looking for in sessions and why?

I am hoping for higher education sessions that provoke me to rethink a long-held belief or sessions that inspire me to act. I am seeking SXSW EDU sessions to introduce me to new voices in the higher education community.

Describe your goal(s) while attending SXSW EDU 2024.

I attend SXSW EDU each year to reconnect with the community of thinkers and doers in higher education who regularly make a difference. I attend not only for the higher education sessions but also for the many opportunities to add value to conversations and grow my network of higher education professionals.

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Robin Lerner

President & CEO, The Texas International Education Consortium

What tracks are you interested in?

Community Initiatives | Global Initiatives | Future of Tech | Leadership for Tomorrow | Policy & Civic Engagement | Work Reimagined

What are you looking for in sessions and why?

I am looking for insights about disruptive models of effective, low-cost higher education. I am looking to learn new concepts, gain new ideas, and think about educational partnerships in a new way. At SXSW EDU 2023, I attended a solo session with Shai Reshef, president of University of the People, and was deeply inspired by his approach to creating an effective higher educational model at the lowest cost for the most vulnerable people around the world. I continually draw upon that learning as I lead my higher education nonprofit.

Describe your goal(s) while attending SXSW EDU 2024.

I am looking to gain new knowledge to do my job better. So many organizations are working to create global partnerships and empower disruptive models of higher education, and I want to learn from these organizations. I hope to connect with non-profit international education organizations that work around the world, like my organization, the Texas International Education Consortium, does.

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Photo by Miguel Esparza

By Lizzy Byrom