Book Your Session with a Mentor at SXSW EDU Online

Mohamed-Abdel-Kader, Kanesha Baynard, Kwaku Aning, Josie McSpadden

As you prepare for the exciting digital event, we are sharing tips on how to book a session with a mentor virtually at SXSW EDU Online.

The mentor program facilitates purpose-driven, one-on-one connections between experienced professionals and solution-seeking attendees each day of the convening.

Mentors bring a wealth of expertise across many areas of education. Registered attendees will be given the opportunity to sign up for a 15-minute meeting with a mentor.

Getting Started

Booking a session with a mentor is only available to SXSW EDU Online registrants and can be scheduled via the online mentor portal. If you have not already done so, begin by linking your badge with your personal link code.

Once you’ve accessed the SXSW EDU Online digital platform, click on the “Mentor Sessions” tile on the home page to enter the mentor portal.

From there you will be able to customize your entire mentorship experience at SXSW EDU Online:

  • Update your profile
  • Browse mentors and book sessions
  • Review and access your session bookings
  • Join your video calls
  • Review your experience
  • Contact live support

Setting Up Your Mentee Profile

As a mentee, you have access to a profile which mentors can view when you’ve booked with them. This helps mentors better understand the guidance you are seeking. This is not mandatory, but recommended.

Add any information you wish and “Update” to save. Click on “View profile” to preview what mentors will see.

How to Book Your Mentor Session

Now that your profile is set up, you are set to browse by:

  1. Heading to “Home” to view all mentors
  2. Clicking on “Mentors” to further search mentors by keyword or dropdown filter
  3. Clicking on the “Schedule” page to view all available mentors by day and time

For more information on scheduling and joining your sessions, feel free to visit our Mentee Guide for comprehensive instructions.

View Mentor Lineup

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Mohamed-Abdel-Kader, Kanesha Baynard, Kwaku Aning, and Josie McSpadden photos courtesy of the mentors.

By Leslie Kelley