Developing #withGoogle Means More Choice for Educators

Developers have built amazing apps that integrate with Google Classroom and G Suite, and encourage new heights of exploration on Chromebooks. From virtual lab simulations to literacy support for those with diverse learning needs, the creativity we see challenges and inspires us every day. That’s why at Google, we’re committed to supporting developers through our open ecosystem that allows all kinds of powerful apps to seamlessly integrate with Google tools.

Have a product that integrates with Google for Education? Learn more about our Technology Track for partners.

Supporting developers

We’re committed to supporting EdTech developers through free and discounted Google Cloud credits for edtech startups. This program is designed to help developers scale and grow, and give early-stage edtech startups access to Google Cloud’s best tools at a discount.

We’re also excited to award the finalists of the SXSW EDU Launch competition with free Cloud credits. All 8 finalists will receive $20,000 in credits and the competition winners will receive $100,000 in credits.

And today at SXSW EDU, we announced the Chromebook App Hub by Google for Education. App Hub is a one-stop shop to discover Chromebook apps and classroom ideas. This hub helps developers expand their apps’ reach, and is launching later this year—stay tuned, and submit your ideas and apps!

See the magic happen at SXSW EDU

As educators, you are helping to prepare students to create the future, now. You can’t change the four walls of your classroom or lecture hall, but you can change how you set up what’s inside and the tools you use to teach and inspire your students.

Come experience our collaborative, intelligent, connected and creative learning space at the Hilton in Room 406. And for those #NotAtSXSWEDU, live stream our sessions or watch the recorded versions.

The Google Lab at SXSW EDU 2019. Photo by Christopher Bouie.

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