Students — Take Control of Your Education at SXSW EDU!

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If you are a student, you may already feel overwhelmed by the word “education”, but at SXSW EDU, your presence and voice matter just as much as an educator’s. Join us in Austin this March to explore the latest innovations, techniques and designs being implemented in schools across the globe!

Since the beginning, student involvement at SXSW EDU has only grown. From student-centered initiatives to student-led sessions and events, this conference provides hundreds of opportunities for students to learn and participate. If you are a student and plan to attend SXSW EDU in 2018, check out some of these programming highlights:

Student Meet Up: Make Friends & Share Ideas

Join other fellow students at the Student Meet Up: Make Friends & Share Ideas to form connections with other like-minded individuals who are also receiving their education. This will be a primary spot for no-pressure networking. Exchange contact info and social media accounts to maintain relations -- you never know what it could lead to in the future!

Learning Expo

This community event is free and open to the public on Tuesday, March 6 and hosts a massive variety of activities and participation opportunities to help learners of all ages reach their fullest potential in both school and their career beyond. With a diverse array of over a hundred exhibitors, a series of student performances and even a student startup competition, the Learning Expo offers something to everyone.

Student Startup Competition

The Student Startup competition is perfect for young entrepreneurs. During the Expo, students from Central Texas high schools will come together to pitch their business ideas to a panel of judges and a live audience. Sit in to observe some of the great ideas students like you are conceiving and learn valuable advice on how to create a successful startup of your own!


Experiential learning is a hot topic at SXSW EDU, and the Playground serves as its home. This innovative spot provides a space to develop new strategies of learning and explore educational pursuits.

The United States of Student Civic Engagement, Summit

This summit is dedicated to the value of student voice. Led by a team of student speakers from various schools, The United States of Student Civic Engagement will explore the various forms of activism that are initiated by student expression and allow attendees to network with other student leaders.

Push: First-year Students as Agents of Change

The University of Texas has created a program called Push, described as “a unified approach to learning that empowers entering students to become agents of change in improving the quality of education”. Attendees of SXSW EDU are invited to participate in the Future20 session, Push: First-year Students as Agents of Change, where they will learn how to become agents of change themselves and initiate the behavior that is known to improve learning ability, rather than accepting the passive role that many students are still experiencing in high school.

The Big Picture Learning Student Business Showcase

Come observe a handful of emerging businesses and learn from the students who started them. The Big Picture Learning Student Business Showcase will feature a group of student leaders selected from a national network of 65 schools who will pitch their business ideas to a panel of successful entrepreneurs. Feedback will be given and tough questions will be answered, providing an array of helpful information to attendees who may be interested in starting their own business. Learn from other students how they have succeeded in creating a potential career for themselves with their own original ideas.

Put the “A” Back in Tech: Teach

As passive learning environments become more old-school and collaborative ones start to take the spotlight, students need to be prepared to adapt accordingly. Julia Singer from Apps for Aptitude dives deep into this concept with a Future20 session designed specifically for students. Get a better idea of the unique process that is being implemented into schools and how it can help you during Put the “A” Back in Tech: Teach.

Employability & the High School Experience

This session will hone in on an innovative high schooler’s mindset and how she has made herself employable at the young age of 16. With the professional world getting increasingly more competitive each year, it’s more important than ever that high schoolers take charge of their education. Learn how Tessa Simonds got ahead of the game during the Future20 session, Employability & the High School Experience.

Film Screenings

The film program at SXSW EDU touches on many of education. From early learning tactics in France, Texas High School shorts, a story about adult literacy to a step team in Baltimore, these are all stories you won't want to miss!

On top of all that, currently enrolled students are eligible for a discount on badges! Don’t miss out on this exciting event, happening March 5-8, 2018. To request the $195 student rate, email

By Claire Hansen


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