Student Startup

The Student Startup competition brings together Central Texas high school students during the Learning Expo at SXSW EDU to pitch their business idea.

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Student Startup

Photo by Kit McNeil

About the Student Startup Competition


The fourth annual Student Startup competition will take place during the Learning Expo at SXSW EDU 2018. The competition welcomes area high school students to submit an application to participate in the live pitch event. Finalists will compete in front of a panel of judges and live audience and the winner will take home a cash prize to fuel their startup vision.

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Crystal Rose (Ozy Media) Director
Crystal Rose
Executive Director, Ozy Media

Mitch Jacobson (Austin Technology Incubator) Director
Mitch Jacobson
Director, Austin Technology Incubator

Deborah Whitby Austin Plumbery Owner
Deborah Whitby
Owner, Austin Plumbery


Leigh Christie Austin Chamber of Commerce Senior Vice President, Global Technology & Innovation
Leigh Christie
Senior Vice President, Global Technology & Innovation, Austin Chamber of Commerce

Nathan Ryan Founder/CEO Blue Sky Partners
Nathan Ryan
Founder/CEO, Blue Sky Partners


Amy Looper COO Co-Founder, OneSeventeen Media, PBC
Amy Looper
COO, Co-Founder, OneSeventeen Media, PBC

Student Startup Finalists


Crockett Highschool

[tchr] is an online database of educational videos for students. [tchr] has videos in many different subjects for students to find what they are interested in and learn from it. [tchr] is built to help students interested in learning new things learn when they have time to, and enjoy learning.


Crockett High School

Arodot is a formula that we use to make a fragrance solid. It will remain solid at room temperature, but it will be hydrated all the time. When touching the solution, the liquid fragrance will be released, and a simple application “Touch it and dab it on you” will be created. It is an easy and fun delivery system that may perhaps change the way we apply fragrances. The Arodot case delivers 4 fragrances all at once.

REZ Parking

Westlake High School

REZ Parking is a peer to peer residential parking app. Our service allows homeowners to rent their driveways and parking spaces to drivers looking for spots. Homeowners are able to make fast cash and drivers are able to park in convenient and affordable spot that they can reserve in advance.

Threading Twine

Westwood High School

Threading Twine is a social impact media company that empowers youth by giving them the opportunity to express themselves on personal experiences and social issues. The platform regularly publishes curated multimedia content online with an aim to educate and connect passionate youth together by hosting webinars which feature guest speakers on selected topics.

United World Learning

Westlake Highschool

United World Learning is an innovative platform that is focused on peer-to-peer learning and teaching for refugees globally. Current video chat technologies have an amazing level of adoption and can be leveraged to create a true peer-to-peer experience. Via this online platform students will be able to tutor refugees, creating a vital circle of mutual learning.

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