SXSWedu Film Program, He Names Me Malala, photo by Earl McGhee

The SXSWedu Film program highlights poignant narratives and documentaries focusing on all aspects of education. With films tackling social impacts on domestic and international learning, peering into classrooms, and exploring the journey to becoming an educator, the film program presents an entertaining and compelling addition to SXSWedu.

Submit Your Film for Consideration

Film selections are community driven, just like SXSWedu session content. Filmmakers, producers and community members are invited to submit films for the conference. Applications for the 2017 event will open on June 28 and will close December 6. To submit a film for consideration, fill out the film submission form.

Please note that SXSWedu Film is a programming component of SXSWedu. It is distinct from and should not be confused with the SXSW Film Festival.

Visit the past films page to see what films have participated in the film program in the past. For more information or questions about film, check out the SXSWedu Film FAQ.

Film Screenings

While we are sill accepting films, a few have already been selected to screen at SXSWedu 2017. Watch the trailers, learn more and add them to your schedule for March.

Landfill Harmonic

LANDFILL HARMONIC follows the amazing journey of a garbage picker, a music teacher, and a group of children who create the most unlikely orchestra, one made entirely out of trash. They call it the “Recycled Orchestra of Cateura”.

Director: Graham Townsley
Producer & Co-Director: Juliana Penaranda-Loftus
Director/Editor/Director of Photography: Brad Allgood

Paper Tigers

Paper Tigers

PAPER TIGERS follows a year in the life of an alternative high school that has radically changed its approach to disciplining its students, becoming a promising model for how to break the cycles of poverty, violence and disease that affect families.

Director: James Redford
Producer: Karen Pritzker

SXSWedu Film program, He Names Me Malala, photo by Earl McGhee.