RFID Policy

If you are an attendee at an official SXSW event, you will be provided with a wristband
and/or a badge that may be scanned by SXSW or an event sponsor, exhibitor or sales
client (a “Sponsor”) of SXSW.

What does an RFID chip do?

A Radio Frequency Identification (“RFID”) chip that is imbedded into any SXSW
wristband that is used to authenticate the credentials and attendance of a SXSW event
attendee. RFID chips may be scanned by SXSW or if you are attending a sponsored
event (such as a sponsored attraction or event space at a SXSW event) by Sponsor.
Once scanned, RFIDs will identify the location of an attendee at the location of
scanning. RFID chips will not verify your location outside of an SXSW event.

What does a QR code do?

Every badge provided to a SXSW event attendee will include a QR code. This QR code
may be scanned by SXSW, or a Sponsor of SXSW with your consent. Sponsors must
ask for your consent to scan your QR code at the time of scanning. Once scanned, a
Sponsor will receive certain registration information about you.

Use of RFID and QR code information by SXSW

SXSW may use personal information collected via RFID and/or QR code scans as
described in SXSW’s Privacy Policy. Generally, this information is used by SXSW to
communicate with you about SXSW events, to communicate with you, improve SXSW
events, in special circumstances such as financial or physical threat to you, or as
required by law.

Use of RFID and QR code information by Sponsors

If a Sponsor scans your RFID chip or QR code, SXSW or one of its service providers
may share certain registration information about you with such Sponsor. This
information may include your name, company name, job type, job industry, email
address, and city/state/country. Please note that the use of your personal information by
any Sponsor will be subject to that Sponsor’s privacy practices, which may include such
Sponsor’s own marketing and sales (“Lead Retrieval”) purposes. SXSW is not
responsible for how Sponsors use your personal information.

Maintaining RFID chip and QR code Effectiveness

Each RFID chip and QR code is scanned before you receive it to ensure that it is in
good working order. Do not bend or puncture your badge or wristband. You must not
combine your badge with any other card or similar item that could impede SXSW’s
ability to scan your QR code. The SXSW badge can be the only laminate worn the
lanyard provided to you for the particular SXSW event. Other laminates must be worn
on a separate lanyard.
If you have any comments or questions about our use of RFID chips or QR code, or this
policy, please reach out to rfid@sxsw.com.


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