Watch SXSW EDU 2024 Keynote, Featured Sessions, and More On Demand

AI's Leap- Shaping Tailored Learning - SXSW EDU 2024 - Miguel Esparza

Catch up on Keynotes, Featured Sessions, and Partner Programming from SXSW EDU 2024! Did you miss a session that everyone was raving about? Or perhaps you simply want to relive the magic. Look no further – you can now watch these sessions on demand!

The March event brought so much inspiration from diverse perspectives, all tackling pressing issues facing the education community today. This year’s sessions offer a wide range of topics from self-care to science comedy, AI to media literacy, music education to creativity, and many others. They are packed with fresh perspectives and inspiration that will keep you coming back for more throughout the year.

All video on demand (VOD) sessions are available to watch in the schedule and on YouTube.


Keynote Sessions

Each day of SXSW EDU 2024 either kicked off the day with a powerful Keynote Session setting the tone for the day ahead or wrapped up the event on the final day such as providing a grounding and inspirational message from Yung Pueblo. Hear from this year’s Keynote Speakers such as Dr. Kimberlé Crenshaw and Sarah Rose Siskind as they brought their unique — and sometimes funny — perspectives to the stage.

Unraveling Myths About Critical Race Theory in Education
It’s Time to Stop Talking About the Literacy Crisis
Science Comedy: Why It's a Thing & How to Do It
Unlocking Your Best Self for Yourself & Others

Featured Sessions

This year’s Featured Speakers tackled leading trends and topics across the education space and beyond. Explore SXSW EDU 2024 Featured Sessions to hear new ideas from Mary Murphy, Bettina Love, Dan Ackerman, and more top thought-leaders in education.

ACL: 50 Years of Live Music, 50 Years of Music Education
AI's Leap: Shaping Tailored Learning
Bridging the World with Creativity Through Colors & Typography
Centering Blackness: Educate... Inform & Innovate!
Fact or Fiction? Media Literacy in the Digital Age
Finding Your Leadership Soul
For the World to Come: Exploding How We Do Civics in Schools
How Cultures of Growth Transform Students--and Teachers
How Do We Find the Good at a Time Like This?
On the Record: Music in Every Classroom
Promise & Peril: The Potential of Our Community Colleges
Providing a Voice & Making the Nevers Possible for ALL
Takeaways from Our Freshman Year of D&D in Schools
The Power of Place: Transforming America One Block at a Time

Partner Programming Sessions

Hear from our partners, including The Allstate Foundation, American Student Assistance, and more who are doing inspiring work within their communities. Dive into some of this year’s Partner Programming Sessions to discover the timely and innovative work these organizations are leading to drive impact and create positive change within the education landscape.

Agents of Change: The Women Transforming the Army
All Pathways to Opportunity Should Come with Directions
Career Education: Policy & Practice to Best Serve Learners
Creating Relevancy in a New Age of Public Education
Creating STEM Champions: Forging Futures Beyond the Classroom
Empowering Incarcerated Learners Through Technology Solution
For The Culture: Honoring The Legacy To Build The Future
How Youth Sports Can Help Solve the Mental Health Crisis
Making the World Better with Civics-Focused Media for Kids
Overlooked Threat to Student Success – Economic Abuse
Promoting Healthy Masculinity & Authenticity in Our Youth
Solving for 'P': Empowering the Pandemic Generation
The Future of Democracy Starts in the Classroom

Audio Recordings

Go back and listen to more than 250 audio recordings of SXSW EDU 2024 sessions, now available on the SXSW EDU Schedule.

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Photo by Miguel Esparza

By Auva Saghafi