Fostering Creativity Through Unique Learning Opportunities | SXSW EDU 2024

Science Comedy: Why It's A Thing & How to Do It - SXSW EDU 2024 - Photo by Chris Saucedo

Unlocking your creativity, both inside and outside the classroom, opens up endless possibilities and yields incredible rewards. Using unique teaching methods can help foster imagination, critical thinking, and self-expression while teaching students essential skills and concepts. This past March, experts explored how to use art, comedy, music, film, and more to educate and inspire students.

Dive into sessions illuminating how purposeful expression can amplify student voice, the power of group healing experiences, unique approaches to storytelling in college essays, the impact of living a playful life and designing a playful world, and much more available on demand.

Explore these SXSW EDU 2024 sessions and discover your boundless creativity:

Featured Session: ACL: 50 Years of Live Music, 50 Years of Music Education

“The fact this is a high-quality video and a high-quality performance that the students are seeing, a lot of questions came out of watching this video instead of just the guided questions that I was giving them.”

Elizabeth Hulse
Manor ISD 2019 Elementary Teacher of the Year

Hear from Benjamin Kramer, Elizabeth Hulse, Jackie Venson, and Terry Lickona as they go through the history of Austin City Limits Live along with its educational and social impact.

Featured Session: Bridging the World with Creativity Through Colors & Typography

“I think that a creative outlet is a really wonderful way to boost not only your creativity but also your mood and help to have a sustainable sort of energy for you to work and also for you to socialize.”

Yiying Lu
Founder & Creative Director, Happy Creative Land

Journey through the importance of creativity with Yiying Lu, creator of the Dumpling 🥟 and Boba Tea 🧋 emojis, among many others.

Featured Session: Fact or Fiction? Media Literacy in the Digital Age

“How do you convince [a person] that someone gave them this information and they weren't smart enough to catch that it wasn't real?”

Shaniqua McClendon
VP of Politics, Crooked Media

Learn media literacy techniques and countermeasures from industry experts Akoto Ofori-Atta, Erin Geiger Smith, and Shaniqua McClendon.

Keynote: Science Comedy: Why It's a Thing & How to Do It

“Humor is like an experiment where the hypothesis is delightfully wrong.”

Sarah Rose Siskind
Science Comedian & Founder, Hello SciCom

Laugh out loud while you discover the importance of humor as a means to communicate with science comedian Sarah Rose Siskind.

Watch and listen to more inspiring sessions:

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Photo by Chris Saucedo

By Auva Saghafi