Embracing (and Adapting) to AI in Education | SXSW EDU 2024

Next Generation Classroom- Using AI to Unlock Creativity - SXSW EDU 2024 - Photo by Melissa Bordeau Mark

While artificial intelligence (AI) is not a new concept, it is constantly evolving — particularly within the education landscape. While many of these advancements may be met with concern, thought leaders took the stage at SXSW EDU 2024 this past March to address misconceptions, and potential threats, and to better illustrate how AI can be embraced to enhance the educational experience — especially with so many new tools to work with, the possibilities are endless.

Dive into the latest ideas on AI-driven teaching simulators, instructional coaching, what it means to be “AI literate,” and the intersection between AI and education equity. Hear from Guy Kawasaki from Canva, Kristen DiCerbo from Khan Academy, Shravan Goli from Coursera, and more who share their relationship with AI and what they anticipate is what’s next for AI in the future.

Watch and listen to these AI-focused sessions:

Featured Session: AI's Leap: Shaping Tailored Learning

“The generative AI is the current rage. My quip is that understanding is the really, really hard part because understanding is a labor, not an act.”

Beth Rudden
CEO & Chairwoman, Bast AI

Unlock a trusted relationship with AI, explore AI's evolution, and discover the future of custom-tailored education with Beth Rudden.

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Photo by Melissa Bordeau Mark

By Auva Saghafi