Announcing 230+ Sessions Accredited by ATPE for Continuing Professional Education Credits at SXSW EDU 2024

SXSW EDU 2023 - Photo by Tico Mendoza

At SXSW EDU, you will learn a variety of engaging tools and practices that can be applied in the classroom and beyond. But that’s not all, you will also have the opportunity to earn continuing professional education (CPE) credits.

We have partnered with the Association of Texas Professional Educators (ATPE) to provide more than 230 accredited sessions for CPE credits. We are proud to be able to provide over 30% more accredited sessions from SXSW EDU 2023, making this our highest number of accredited sessions to date.

Qualified programming will be identified in the schedule and the SXSW EDU GO app. At the end of each CPE-eligible session, attendees may collect a code from the session room, which they can use to receive their credit. Log into the ATPE Professional Learning Portal at to submit your code. Membership is not required and non-members can sign in as a guest to claim their credit. Have questions or want to learn more? Stop by the ATPE activation outside of Ballroom D in the Austin Convention Center to meet with their representatives.

With sessions tackling continuing education, early learning, higher education, and K-12 education, there is no shortage of professional development opportunities.

Explore this year’s accredited sessions:

Accessibility & Inclusion

Anti-Ableist Tools for Inclusive Art & Maker Education
Apprenticeships for People with Disabilities
Creating a Sustainable Path to Neuroinclusion with XR
Designing Systems for the Future: Inclusive Technology Syste
Discover Scholastic Esports: Engaging a Diverse Generation!
Empowering Parent Advocacy in the Literary Movement
Holographic Horizons: Bridging the Educational Divide
Inclusive Learning Through Play & Ideation
Letters from a Neurodivergent Student Leader
Making Data Science That’s Really for Everyone
Missed & Misdiagnosed: Overlooked Neurodivergent Teens
Neurodiversity in STEM: Uniquely Talented Problem Solvers
Providing a Voice & Making the Nevers Possible for ALL
Schools Unified in Neurodiversity (SUN)
The Trifecta of Community, Culture, & Collaboration
Using Music to Engage SWD in CS Learning

Arts & Storytelling

ACL: 50 Years of Live Music, 50 Years of Music Education
Authentic Storytelling for Transformational Strategies
Beyond Pressing Play: Podcasting in the Classroom
Bigger Than Hip Hop: Why Folks Say it Controls Your Brain
EnchantEd: Magic Tricks to Engage & Inspire
How to Wow K-5 Through Podcasts & Storytelling
Intergenerational Programs Advancing Arts Education
Martellus Bennett Presents the Tomonoshi Design Philosophy
On the Record: Music in Every Classroom
Own Your Narrative: Transformative Student-Designed Stories
Ranked - A Musical of Identity, Pressure & Self-Worth
Same Same but Different; Meaningful Arts for All Abilities
Storytelling for Social Change: Vocal Justice Workshop
STTAAR Power: Discover Your Storytelling Galaxy
Takeaways from Our Freshman Year of D&D in Schools
Teaching Ideas with Visual Thinking
Teaching with Film: Life as a Teen Ukrainian War Refugee
The Power of Inclusive Stories in Climate Change Solutions
Using Stories to Heal

Community Initiatives

Citywide Change Starts with Early Childhood Education
Co-Creating a Culture of Professional Learning with Community
Compassionate Classrooms: Empathy, Hunger Issues, & Wellbeing
Conversations Count: Innovating Early in the Deep South
Driving Equitable Prosperity: Tackling Systemic Challenges
How to Build Trust & Sustainable Family-School Engagement
How to Maximize Summer Learning
Innovating Youth Service: Resources & Roadmaps for the Future
Investing in Holistic Wellbeing for Lifelong Success
Making Afterschool Learning Count
Partnering to C.R.E.A.T.E. a Pipeline of Local STEM Talent
Promoting Healthy Masculinity & Authenticity in Our Youth
Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: Trust BIPOC Parents
The Future of Education: I’ll Build It Myself
The Power of Place: Transforming America One Block at a Time
The Rather Prize: Innovative Ideas in TX Education
Uplifting Latino Families Through Two Generational Education
Verde Leaders: The Power of Soccer & Restorative Practices
Why the Construction Industry Needs Educators

Equity & Justice

Addressing Inequity in Rural Education Through Collaboration
AI's Impact on Students of Color: Rethinking Digital Wellness
Breaking Down Silos to Break Through Inequities
Brown at 70: Can Separate Ever Be Equal?
Concretizing Antibias & Antiracism in the Classroom
Conversando: Building an Ecosystem for Latina Prosperity
Corrections to Careers: Education for Incarcerated Youth
Creating Anti-Racist & Liberated Early Learning Environments
Developing Black High School Students to Be Educators
For The Culture: Honoring The Legacy To Build The Future
Horizons: Banning LGBTQ Education Means Banning LGBTQ Educators
How to Help Teachers Under Attack from Teachers Who Lived It
Joyful Learning Centers Racial Equity in Classrooms
Making Black History Visible: From the U.S. to the U.K.
Mapping the Assault on Critical Race Theory (CRT)
Professional Learning & Justice Seeking in Our Classrooms
Racial Battle Fatigue's Impact on Educators & Their Families
Rural Schools in a Time of Polarization
Safeguarding Our Histories: Libraries & Inclusive Stories
Storytelling in College Essays Post Affirmative Action
Strengthening Multilingual Communities Through Our Stories
Supervising Principals of Color to Lead Liberated
Taking Action for Transgender & Nonbinary Youth
The 1939 Library Sit-In & Today’s Fight for Access to Books
The Nature Gap: Why ‘Outdoors for All’ Matters
Unraveling Myths About Critical Race Theory in Education
We Need to Argue to Heal: How Debate Advances Equity
Who You Talking to?: A Black Girl Dialogue
Yet Unfulfilled, the Promise of Title IX: Let Girls Learn

Future of Tech

A Journey Through Time: Rehearsing Challenging Emotions in XR
Advising for PS Access: Powered by AI + Human Intelligence
AI Literacy for Educators: What It Is & How to Promote It
AI-Enabled Teacher Coaching: Opportunities & Challenges
AI: Avoiding the Next Digital Divide
Creativity Is the Durable Skill That AI Can’t Replace
Data Interoperability & AI: Veggies Before Dessert
Decoding EdTech Evidence: Why, How, When, Who?
EdTech vs. TechEd: Making Emerging Technology Accessible
LLM's Have Entered the Chat: Getting Hands-On
Log-Off & Learn: Healing the Broken Classroom
Making the Most of Middle School Math
Meaningful & Safe AI: Policy & Research Perspectives
Nurturing Computational Thinkers for an AI-Powered Future
Standardized? The Future of Assessment is Invisible
Why Every K-12 Student Should Learn Quantum Computing
Yes, You CAN Build with AI Too

Global Initiatives

Beyond Borders: Using Choral Music Education to Connect
Developing Ecosystems: From Lifelong to Lifewide Learning
How EdTech Can Accelerate Economic & Social Development
Ordering a Beer in Another Language Doesn’t Equal Mastery
Si Sabo: Children with Bilingualism in Their Bones Speak
Strength in Borders: Sourcing Global Data Science Innovation
Students & The World: The Case for Global Affairs Education

Health & Wellbeing

Educator Well-Being Podcast Series: Conversations on a Purposeful Priority
Digital Well-Being: Evidence-Based Lessons for Classrooms
Educators on the Frontlines of the Gun Violence Epidemic
Future-Ready Schools: Design for Well-being & Resilience
How Youth Sports Can Help Solve the Mental Health Crisis
Navigating Climate Anxiety with Resilience & Hope
Overlooked Threat to Student Success – Economic Abuse
Taking Off The Mask Podcast: What's up with Young Men?
The Choosing Love Mindset: Thriving, Not Just Surviving
The Future of Mental Health Education
The Uvalde Love Project: Community Art Therapy in Action
Unleashing the Potential: Therapy Dogs in Education
Unlocking Your Best Self for Yourself & Others
Upstream Violence Prevention: The Way to Protect Youth
Why Prioritize Mental Health from Age Zero?

Leadership for Tomorrow

30 Years & Beyond: AmeriCorps’ Impact on Education
A Gamechanger: How Chess Might Just Save the World
Building Networks for Success: The Social Capital Advantage
Can Young People Solve the Post-Pandemic Learning Equation?
Innovation in Culture: Lead with Vision, Voice, & Heart
Inspiring a Generation of Informed, Empathetic Leaders
Lead by Learning: Rewire Systems for Participatory Change
Let's End Turnover & Make Teaching the Job Everyone Wants
Mitigating the Future Funding Cliff: A Strategy Session
Navigating a New Era in Higher Ed: Facts About the Future
Organization Identity: Who is Your Organization as a Friend?
Reimagining Funding & Support as a Team of One
Scarcity to Abundance: A Fresh Look at the Teacher Shortage
Shaping the Future: Training Next-Gen Urban School Leaders
Supporting the Equity Officer in K-12 Education
Teaching Futures: Transforming Systems & Leaders
The Business Case of DE&I in K12 Education
The Time Is Now: A New Playbook for Education Leadership
Tomorrow’s Principal Podcast: Will AI Be Your Next Principal?
Trending in Education: March Madness of Learning Trends 2024
Women Entrepreneurs of Color Ignite Innovation in Education

Policy & Civic Engagement

A Results Framework to Tackle Tough Problems in Education
Career Education: Policy & Practice to Best Serve Learners
EdTech Surveillance: How Companies Scam Schools & Hurt Kids
Electing School Boards in a Presidential Election Year
Ensuring Faster School Safety Response Times in Our Schools
EWA Radio: Considering Concentrated Poverty in K-12 Funding
Exploring the Impacts of Extremism on Public Education
Fact or Fiction? Media Literacy in the Digital Age
For the World to Come: Exploding How We Do Civics in Schools
How to Be a Freedom Fighter
How Will 2024 Elections Impact Education & Workforce Policy?
Is the Education System Broken or Working as Intended?
Latino Voters, Education & the 2024 Election
Making the World Better with Civics-Focused Media for Kids
Policy to Practice: Literacy Equity Through the CO READ Act
School Boards Don't Have to Be Terrible & You Can Help
Teaching Patriotism & Pluralism Through US Civics History
The $50 Study: Creating an Income Floor for Teens
The Rise of Surveillance Technology in Schools
Unpacking the 2024 National Education Technology Plan

Startups & Investment

Co-Design for a More Inclusive EdTech Ecosystem
EdTech Investment – Is Europe Catching Up?
From Spark to Sprints: Developing EdTech at Scale
How Federal Partnerships Are Transforming ED R&D
How Startups Can Penetrate Education Markets Worldwide
Level Up Your User Research: Why EdTech Needs to Co-Create
Real Talk: Are K-12 Nonprofits & EdTech Driving Inequity?
Small Organizations, Big Impact: Redefining Success & Scale
Welcome to the Education Entrepreneur Revolution
What Does the Future of Learning in MENA Look Like?

Teaching & Learning

AI & the Future of Learning
Black Girl Futurism: Empower Through Imagination Innovation
Bored in This Class: Helping Students Learn from Boredom
Building Language-Inclusive & Accessible CS Classrooms
Building the Bridge: Aligning Birth to 3rd Grade Learning
Can you Gamify the Whole Curriculum?
Centering Blackness: Educate... Inform & Innovate!
Centering Racial Justice, Healing, & Liberation in SEL
Changing the Future of STEM Education with STEMusic!
ChatECE: How AI Could Aid the Early Educator Workforce
Creating Critical Creativity: Deeper Thinking for K-12+
Design for Learning: How Environment Influences Experience
Designing Games for Social Impact: A Game Plan for Educators
EdTech for Littles
Engaging Gen Z in Socially Conscious Entrepreneurship
Exploring Avenues for Impact in Post-Pandemic Education
Get Wise About Student Feedback & Belonging
Hand Me the Keys: Together We Can Unlock Human Potential
Holocaust Education Through Art
How AI Can Help Teachers Simulate Success
How Cultures of Growth Transform Students--and Teachers
How Do We Find the Good at a Time Like This?
Math Instruction & AI: the Future of Content & Assessment
Micro-Mystery: A Citizen Science Project for the Ocean
Mindful Meeples: Problem Solving Thru Tabletop Game Design
Molecular Literacy: Teaching Chemistry Like Teaching Reading
Music Therapy in the Chi: Recording Arts Infused with SEL
Next Generation Classroom: Using AI to Unlock Creativity
Recognizing Collective Trauma & What It Has Unearthed
Route K-12 Podcast: Myth Busting: Math Is for Everyone
Scarlet Letters: Fixing the Problem of Grades
Science Comedy: Why it's a Thing & How to Do It
Step Up to the Challenge: Using AI to Future-Proof Students
Student Designed Schedules: Centering Power with Youth
Supporting & Identifying BIPOC Students for Gifted Programs
Supporting Undocumented Communities in Our Schools
TeachAI: Empowering Educators to Teach with AI & About AI
Teaching Literature & Civics with Phillis Wheatley
Teaching Students to Tell Stories with Data
The Future of Preschool Research
The Intersection of Storytelling, Mental Health, & Edu
The Neuroscience of Black Joy & Black Play
The State of Teaching: Why the Profession Needs Help
Transform School Culture with Executive Functioning Skills
Why Education Needs More Big Bets
You Belong! Unlock the Power of Invention Education for All

Work Reimagined

#R-E-S-P-E-C-T: How Do We Get Some for Teachers?
Creating a Data-Driven, Personalized Education System
Creating Relevancy in a New Age of Public Education
Creating STEM Champions: Forging Futures Beyond the Classroom
Creating Student Agency in Your Career Exploration Classroom
Empowering Educators: Shifting the Role of Teachers
Hide & Seek: Find, Train, Place & Support Hidden Workers
How to Become a Sustainable School
Jobs in Education Are Undoable. Can We Redesign Them?
Leveraging AI to Benefit Learners & Workers
Mapping a Purposeful Career-Connected Learning Ecosystem
NAF Research & Tech Talks: Why the Future of Work Needs a Work-based Learning Movement
Reimagining CTE & How Industry Can Support WBL for Students
Solving for 'P': Empowering the Pandemic Generation
Space Skills for Careers on Earth
Supporting Upward Mobility for Deskless Workers
Transforming Education by Elevating Youth in R&D
Unlocking Your Innovation Potential for Wicked Challenges
Using Youth-centered Design to Improve Racial Equity Gaps

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To claim your CPE credit, visit and complete the form, entering your live session code. You will receive an email certificate verifying your attendance.

If you do not receive your certificate within 24 hours, please email

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By Auva Saghafi