LEGO Education Is Bringing Joy Back to Learning with Purposeful Play

LEGO - Bring Joy Back to Learning with Purposeful Play

We are at a crucial moment in education where teachers nationwide are looking for ways to excite and engage students in learning again. How can educators reach students, creating ‘aha’ moments in classrooms that will lead to a deeper understanding of core subjects while also building student confidence? The answer may be surprising.

Research shows when learning happens through purposeful play, lessons become more motivating and meaningful. It’s why many classrooms are implementing hands-on STEAM learning programs, like those developed by NASA and LEGO Education, to foster social-emotional and 21st century skills, including collaboration, communication, and problem-solving.

What does ‘hands-on STEAM learning’ mean and how can learning through play transform today’s classroom? LEGO Education will host an expert panel on March 9th at SXSW Edu 2022 to answer these questions and explore how educators can utilize playful STEAM learning to create more joyful learning experiences for students. The Bringing Joy Back to Learning panel features:

  • Dr. Jenny Nash, Head of Education Impact US, LEGO Education
  • Mike Kincaid, Associate Administrator, Office of STEM Engagement, NASA
  • Joanna Mulholland, 6th Grade Teacher, Berkeley Township Elementary School
  • Derek Newton, Education Writer, Forbes (moderator)
  • To learn more about LEGO Education’s panel, please visit

    Photo provided by LEGO Education

    By Olivia Cruz