Paul Tough & Liz Willen on The Inequality Machine [VIDEO]

Author and journalist Paul Tough, joined The Hechinger Report Editor-in-Chief Liz Willen, for a conversation about the inequality machine of higher education.

Paul Tough and Liz Willen discuss implications of the growing divide and the troubled road ahead for the students he wrote about in Paul's recent book, "The Years that Matter Most.” In this conversation, they explore how the system of higher education in the U.S. has long favored the wealthy, but the fallout from the coronavirus is exposing vast inequities that could push higher education further out of reach for many.

"What happens in the years after high school, those key, post-secondary years whether you go to college or not, they have become incredibly important in shaping the upward mobility of young people all across the country."

–Paul Tough

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