Watch Jennifer Gonzalez on the Aerodynamics of Exceptional Schools [VIDEO]

Jennifer Gonzales on Aerodynamics Of Exceptional Schools at SXSW EDU 2019.

In her SXSW EDU 2019 keynote Jennifer Gonzalez, Cult of Pedagogy Director explores the aerodynamics of exceptional schools.

Jennifer Gonzalez is a National Board Certified Teacher whose teaching pedagogy is informed by more than 10 years of classroom experience. Most of this time was spent teaching middle school language arts, and the rest was at the college level, where she trained pre-service teachers for the classroom. In 2013, she created the website Cult of Pedagogy, where she now works full-time to help teachers of all subjects and grade levels practice and perfect the art of teaching.

The Aerodynamics of Exceptional Schools
In any school, just as in air travel, different forces impact our progress: some of these forces push us forward and lift us up, while others pull us back and drag us down. The success of our schools depends largely on how well we manage these forces. By applying wisdom from change management theory, instructional coaching, the tech industry, and even the fitness world, we can learn how to fight weight and drag, increase lift and thrust, and make our schools truly exceptional.

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Jennifer Gonzales on Aerodynamics Of Exceptional Schools at SXSW EDU 2019. Photo by Holly Jee.

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