Thank You for Joining Us, We Will See You Next Year!

We’ve enjoyed an incredible week learning, connecting, and discovering with you! We hope that you return home inspired and fervent from your time in Austin, ready to get to work. The real magic happens when putting these ideas into action, this is only the beginning! It is our sincere hope that the lessons you take away and the connections you make at SXSW EDU continue to serve and fuel your work.

When we all commit to improving our craft and exploring new ways of thinking, we can hope to accomplish our most fundamental task, to make a real and positive difference. Our hope is that what you learn at SXSW EDU will support you in making an even greater impact in the lives of the learners you touch.

Follow the ongoing #SXSWEDU conversation on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Check out the official SXSW EDU YouTube Channel to watch videos from the event. Session audio recordings will soon be available on the SXSW EDU SoundCloud channel as well.

Join Us March 9-12, 2020

Don’t miss the tenth annual SXSW EDU Conference & Festival in 2020! Buy next year’s badge at this year’s lowest rate. Limited SXSW EDU 2020 presale ends Sunday, March 31.

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