Watch the 6 Most Popular SXSW EDU Videos of All Time [VIDEO]

Over the years, SXSW EDU has had the honor of being a platform for some of the top educators and thought leaders to share their stories and experiences to audiences. From insight from the classroom to sharing how students learn differently from one another, these are the six most popular SXSW EDU videos of all time.

1. Brené Brown Taught Us that Vulnerability Is the Birthplace of Everything We Want More of in Our Lives (2017)

Brown explained how vulnerability is essential for both teachers and students to create a courageous classroom.

2. Guy Kawasaki Shared Valuable Life Lessons for Next Generation Entrepreneurs (2015)

Kawasaki’s featured session inspired and encouraged the next generation of entrepreneurs and creatives to take initiative. He shared some valuable life lessons that he wished he knew when he was starting out in his career.

3. Christopher Emdin Addresses Issues in Contemporary Schools (2017)

Emdin hoped for equity and diversity in classrooms amongst educators and students and addressed them head-on in his keynote.

4. Jane McGonigal Taught Us How to Think Like a Futurist (2016)

McGonigal encouraged us to imagine the future in order to be more creative and inventive today. When we think about the future we find out what’s possible and decide what to make of it.

5. Temple Grandin Shared Ways to Help Different Minds Solve Problems (2016)

Grandin shared her personal experience with visual thinking, working in livestock, and her experience with autism as well as ways to help different minds learn.

6. danah boyd Tackled the Issues With Fake News and Media Literacy (2018)

boyd addressed the perversion of the media with the emergence of fake news and more occurring issues in the media landscape.

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