200 Sessions Accredited by ATPE for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Credits

Workshop photo by David Zacek.

SXSW EDU has partnered with The Association of Texas Professional Educators for the third year to provide conference attendees with continuing professional education (CPE) credits, March 5-8, 2018. We’re excited to share the lengthy list of sessions that have been accredited for March 5-8, increasing access to amazing professional development.

The ATPE team has thoroughly reviewed the entire SXSW EDU programming schedule and found 200 sessions that meet CPE criteria. Sessions and workshops that qualify for CPE credit will be tagged both on the online schedule and in the printed conference materials to help attendees identify eligible sessions. SXSW EDU attendees who attend the CPE-eligible sessions will receive a code that they can use to log in to the ATPE Professional Learning Portal and receive credit. And you don’t have to be an ATPE member to use the ATPE system. You can log on as a guest to claim credit for your CPE hours.

Add CPE Sessions to Your Schedule

#FailFest: A Learnshop on Risk-Taking (Workshop / SEL)
0 to 60 – NYC Lessons in Scaling Community Schools (Case Study / Equity)
25 Ways to Drive Student Agency Using Goal-Setting (Workshop / SEL)
5 Questions Empower Everyone with Design Thinking (Workshop / Instruction)
A Seat at the Table: Creating Inclusive Spaces (Workshop / Equity)
Accidental Consequences of Student Privacy Laws (Panel / Data)
Achieving Equity with Open Educational Resources (Panel / Equity)
Aligning Networks So Every Student Thrives (Panel / Leadership)
All Aboard! All Students Communicate & Learn (Workshop / Special Needs)
Answering Questions & Concerns About Immigration (Workshop / Informal Education)
Are We Coming into the Golden Age of OER? (Panel / Implementation)
Art as a Pathway to Health & Wellness (Panel / Early Learning)
AT Innovations That Change the Education Landscape (Panel / Special Needs)
Baller Teachers & Companies Who Work with Them (Panel / Leadership)
Beating Those ‘Monday Morning Social Media Blues’ (Workshop / Implementation)
Becoming a 21st Century District (Summit / Leadership)
Beyond Buzzwords: Competency, Culture, & Equity (Campfire / Equity)
Beyond Mastery: the Six Elements of CBE (Workshop / Instruction)
Beyond the Box: Reshaping PD for Urban Districts (Workshop / Continuing Education)
Black Education in America (Policy Forum / Equity)
Black Gotham: Immersive Storytelling & Technology (Workshop / VR/AR)
Blending Leadership: Strategies for Leading Change (Workshop / Leadership)
Brain & Environment: Implications for Learning (Panel / Cognitive Process)
Bringing Entrepreneurship to K-12 Academia (Panel / Learning Spaces)
Bringing the Science: Teaching with Authentic Data (Case Study / Data)
Building a High School with Meaning for the Youth (Case Study / Implementation)
Building the Social Emotional Learning Network (Panel / SEL)
But Does It Help Learning? Tools to Evaluate Edtech (Workshop / Language Learning)
Butterfly Effect: Build Diverse Learning Networks (Workshop / Implementation)
Call to Action: Closing the Accessibility Gap (Summit / Special Needs)
Capturing Data in Authentic Writers Workshop (Workshop / Data)
Change Testing Forever: Teachers Leading the Cause (Panel / Implementation)
Changing Guatemala One Dream at a Time (Featured / Leadership)
Citizen-Ready & Crime-Free: The PreK Advantage (Policy Forum / Early Learning)
Close the STEM Gender Gap? Start in Kindergarten (Panel / Equity)
Closing the Digital Gap in Urban Districts (Panel / Equity)
Co-designing Better Outcomes for Young Children (Workshop / Early Learning)
Collaboration as a Path to Digital Equity (Policy Forum / Equity)
College Prepping for the Workplace: the New Deal (Workshop / Employability)
Combat Bias, Interrupt Privilege, Include All (Workshop / SEL)
Community Voices: An Immersive Project Based Learn (Summit / Instruction)
Create a Generation of Super-Students with Fitness (Case Study / SEL)
Creating Book-Based Maker Learning Opportunities (Workshop / Arts)
Creative Collaborations (Workshop / Arts)
Creative Youth Development: A Movement & Mindset (Panel / Arts)
Cultivating Millennials to be Authentic Leaders (Panel / Leadership)
Curating Accessibility (Case Study / Special Needs)
Dance in Urban Education (Panel / Informal Education)
Data, Districts, & Schools, Oh My! (Panel / Data)
Deeper with Data: Evaluating SEL Implementation (Case Study / SEL)
Delivering on the Digital Promise (Featured / Equity)
Design 4 Impact: Design Thinking in K-12 Education (Summit / Instruction)
Design Immersive & Inclusive Learning Experiences (Workshop / Instruction)
Design Protocol for Teacher Competency Development (Workshop / Leadership)
Design Tools for Creative Ethics Education (Workshop / Instruction)
Designing Education Policies for Humans (Workshop / Equity)
Designing Lessons: Tips from Improv & Engineering (Workshop / Implementation)
Designing the Next Super School (Workshop / Implementation)
Designing Your Life (Workshop / Instruction)
Developing Leaders for Future Ready Schools (Campfire / Leadership)
Digital Inclusion in Schools: Partnership & Policy (Case Study / Equity)
Disability or Special Needs – Which Is Correct? (Campfire / Special Needs)
Disrupting the School-to-Prison Pipeline (Panel / Equity)
Do We Actually Care About International Students? (Panel / Leadership)
Driving Engagement Amongst Youth of Color in Tech (Case Study / Informal Education)
Early Learning Spaces… Bringing a Dream to Reality (Case Study / Learning Spaces)
Edtech & the Radical Disruption of Assessments (Case Study / Data)
Edtech: From Poverty to Powering Global Economies (Panel / Continuing Education)
Educating Across the Aisle (Policy Forum / Employability)
Educating Students in Recovery from Addiction (Panel / SEL)
Education by Design (Summit / Learning Spaces)
Empathetic by Design (Panel / Special Needs)
Empathy Machines: Global Education via “Portals” (Case Study / Instruction)
Empowering Student Creators Through Public Media (Panel / Instruction)
Engaging Millennials to Support Education (Featured / Leadership)
Engaging Parent Communities: a Blueprint (Case Study / Equity)
Enhance Student Creativity with PBL (Workshop / SEL)
Examining Our Faith in Educational Technology (Policy Forum / Data)
Expanding Maker Education through Community Hubs (Case Study / Learning Spaces)
Exploring Global Citizenship (Case Study / Instruction)
Family & Community Engagement 2.0 (Panel / Implementation)
Field Tripping: The Future of Learning & VR (Panel / VR/AR)
Four State Approaches to Personalized Learning (Panel / Instruction)
From Page to Stage: Bringing Students’ Stories to Life (Performance / Arts)
Future Learning: AI’s Impact on Tomorrow’s Worker (Summit / Equity)
Get Ready for Maker-Based Instruction (Workshop / Instruction)
Get Your Hands on a Ton of Federal Education Data (Workshop / Data)
Getting Graduates Employed: A New Job For K-12 (Panel / Employability)
Going Beyond the Screen (Panel / Early Learning)
Guide to VR Worldbuilding (Workshop / VR/AR)
Hate Online & in School: Building a Tech Resistance (Workshop / Equity)
Helping Student Athletes Diversify Their Portfolio (Panel / Continuing Education)
Hidden Among Us: Reaching out to Student Outliers (Campfire / Equity)
High School for Recording Arts ‘Hip-Hop Pedagogy’ (Performance / Arts)
Hip Hop in the Science Classroom (Workshop / Equity)
How Dungeons & Dragons Can Save the World (Workshop / Informal Education)
How Educators Lead with Equity in Mind (Featured / Equity)
How Our Unconscious Bias Affects Our Students (Panel / Equity)
How to Prepare Kids for Jobs that Don’t Exist Yet (Panel / Employability)
How to Teach Designing a Creative Career (Workshop / Employability)
Human Skills for Digital Natives (Featured / Cognitive Process)
Immersive Learning with Google (Panel / Instruction)
Immersive Learning: Teaching History through GBL (Case Study / Informal Education)
Impact of School Design on Student Engagement (Panel / Learning Spaces)
Inclusion in the Making: Maker Experience for ALL (Panel / Equity)
Innovation in the Early Learning Workforce (Panel / Early Learning)
Innovation Underground (Campfire / Implementation)
Innovative Learning Environments & Teacher Change (Workshop / Learning Spaces)
Integrating Non-Curricular Programs in School (Panel / Implementation)
Interlochen Arts Academy on Taking the Inside Out (Performance / Arts)
Internet, Education, & Overlooked Populations (Panel / Equity)
Justice & Opportunity through Disruption (Featured / Equity)
Lady Boss: Female Leaders in Ed Entrepreneurship (Panel / Leadership)
Lead Like Max (Campfire / Leadership)
Leaders: Build Your Personal Destabilization Plan (Workshop / Continuing Education)
Leading Across Boundaries (Summit / Leadership)
Learning Environments reDesigned to Inspire (Panel / Learning Spaces)
Learning Space Genius Bar (Summit / Learning Spaces)
Let’s Teach About Race (Panel / Equity)
Look at Me! Artistically Addressing Behaviors (Workshop / SEL)
Makerspaces: Making Space for Diversity (Panel / SEL)
Media Literacy in the Era of Fake News (Campfire / Instruction)
MetaRubric: Playful Assessment Design Workshop (Workshop / Instruction)
Mindfulness & Student Voice (Panel / SEL)
Mission Critical: Train Like the Army (Panel / Instruction)
National Arts Networks & Stories of Impact (Featured / Arts)
No, I Won’t “See You at McDonalds” & Other Stories (Case Study / Implementation)
Nonprofits & Corporations Partner on Education (Panel / Employability)
Opportunity vs. Achievement: Framing the Gap (Campfire / Equity)
OverDisciplined UnderEducated (Campfire / Equity)
Pandora’s Headset: The Ethics of VR in Education (Campfire / VR/AR)
Planting the Seeds for Success During K-12 (Panel / Early Learning)
Putting Learning Science Research to Work (Panel / Leadership)
Racial Equity & Restorative Practices in Schools (Workshop / Equity)
Reimagining Calculus Teaching & Learning (Workshop / Instruction)
Rethinking History (to Redesign Our Present) (Workshop / Equity)
Rigorous Whimsy: Understanding through Creativity (Workshop / Instruction)
Rise Up: Young Leaders Using Art For Change (Performance / Arts)
RUMBLE: Native Americans in Pop & the Classroom (Panel / Implementation)
Science or Art? Online Teaching & Learning (Case Study / Language Learning)
Seamless Learning: Where the Classroom Never Ends (Panel / Learning Spaces)
Shape of an Absence (Panel / Equity)
Smarter Workforce, Smarter Car, Smarter Community (Panel / Employability)
Soundtrack 63: Social Justice through Music & Tech (Panel / Arts)
Starting Fresh: Designing an Innovative School (Panel / Leadership)
Student/Teacher Led Creative Learning for Schools (Panel / Arts)
Students Can Build the VR/AR Worlds of the Future (Panel / VR/AR)
Supporting Refugee Students (Campfire / Language Learning)
Talking Social Justice: Discussions that Matter (Workshop / Instruction)
Teach Access: Teaching About Accessible Tech (Panel / Special Needs)
Teach for Equity: Building Communities of Practice (Panel / Equity)
TEACH: A Holistic Lens to Improving All Kids Lives (Panel / Early Learning)
Teacher Externships Improve Student Employability (Panel / Employability)
Teaching the New Majority-Minority Generation (Panel / Language Learning)
Texas Lesson Study: Teacher-driven Research+Design (Workshop / Instruction)
The 1% CAN Do It! Academic Instruction for SwD (Panel / Special Needs)
The 7%: Preparing Men of Color for the Classroom (Workshop / Equity)
The Best Ideas in TX EDU: The Rather Prize (Panel / Equity)
The Best Internet Filter Is Between a Child’s Ears (Panel / Informal Education)
The Big Picture Learning Student Business Showcase (Summit / Business)
The Breakthrough of Drone Education (Campfire / Cognitive Process)
The Changemaker’s Challenge (Workshop / Leadership)
The Dual Language Imperative (Policy Forum / Language Learning)
The Hip Hop Architecture Design Cypher (Workshop / Arts)
The Invisible 34%: First-Gen College Students (Panel / Equity)
The Invisible Million: Homeless Students in the US (Panel / Equity)
The Long Game: Using Credentials for Continuing Ed (Panel / Continuing Education)
The Messy Living Room of Racism: Time to Clean Up (Campfire / Equity)
The Moth in the Classroom: Telling True Stories (Workshop / Arts)
The Movement Towards an Inclusive Austin (Panel / Equity)
The Music Experience Design Lab and #HipHopMusicEd (Workshop / Arts)
The Oracles: A Future Facing Approach to Learning (Case Study / Arts)
The Perfect Blend: Practices for Blended Learning (Summit / Implementation)
The Spiderman Principle: Teaching Ethical Hacking (Campfire / Instruction)
The Struggle Is Real-Rural, High Poverty Districts (Case Study / Equity)
The United States of Student Civic Engagement (Summit / Leadership)
Think Globally, Act Locally! Discover & Implement (Workshop / Implementation)
Thriving Makerspaces in Low Income & Rural Schools (Panel / Learning Spaces)
Tools for Building Sustainable SEL Implementation (Workshop / SEL)
Toy Hacking, Robotics for the Rest of Us (Workshop / Implementation)
Transcending Language & Learning Barriers in STEM (Case Study / Instruction)
Trauma-Informed Education Policy & Practice (Policy Forum / Equity)
Unapologetically Outside of Our Lane for Children (Case Study / Equity)
United in a Statewide Vision for Transformation (Panel / Leadership)
Using Art & Self-reflection for Cultural Inclusion (Workshop / Cognitive Process)
Using Assessment to Help Develop Great Teachers (Panel / Equity)
VR: Beyond Virtual Field Trips to Building Empathy (Panel / VR/AR)
What Do Early Childhood Teachers Want from Tech? (Featured / Early Learning)
What Hath We Wrought? (Keynote / Data)
What Kids Say About Games & Can We Listen? (Panel / Implementation)
When Silence Isn’t Golden: Speaking & ELLs (Campfire / Language Learning)
Who Cares What Young People Think (Panel / Learning Spaces)
Who Wants to Outsource Relationships? VR/Chatbot/AI (Summit / VR/AR)
Who’s Got the Remote? Makin’ Learner Agency Real (Workshop / Implementation)
Why I Won’t Ask for Help: Self-Advocacy for All (Panel / SEL)
Why Innovate Alone? Harness the Power of Networks (Workshop / Implementation)
Why Science Fairs May be Humanity’s Best Hope (Panel / Employability)
You Can’t Solve What You Don’t Understand (Case Study / Data)
Your Privilege is Showing (Workshop / Equity)

Don’t miss all of these sessions and more, register to attend SXSW EDU, March 5-8, 2018, for four days of unparalleled learning and inspiration.

Workshop photo by David Zacek.

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