SXSW EDU 2018 Highlights: Let’s Teach About Race [Audio Recording]

SXSW EDU 2018 panel, Let's Teach About Race, featuring Akiea Gross (Equitable Schools), Timothy Jones (HipHopEd), Tierney Oberhammer (Flocabulary), and Yvonne Tackie (Friendship Public Charter Schools).

With SXSW EDU 2018 in the books, we are taking some time to review and relive some of the best moments from the event including popular sessions and speakers. The panel discussion, Let’s Teach About Race, was one of the most popular sessions on the program. So popular in fact that we scheduled an encore (repeat) session for attendees because the room reached capacity the first time.

The panel featured a powerful lineup of voices, representing early childhood education, middle school and higher ed, resulting in a dynamic conversation with tangible takeaways for the everyone in the audience. Drawing on personal experience and anecdotes, the panelists shared ideas for teaching about race and supporting students’ racial identity development.

“I’m always titering this space of how deep can I go with you and in what ways because I still want you to maintain your innocence and kind of learn how to navigate this world as a really thoughtful, conscious individual making your own decisions and creating your own beliefs.”
Akiea Gross on teaching about race in early childhood education

Let’s Teach About Race

Session Description: Subconscious biases and cultural or community-based understandings of race begin as early as three years old. However, curriculum to combat white superiority and systemic racism often doesn’t begin until high school or college, if at all. Can educators help break down the boundaries that make it difficult to talk about race? In this panel, three experts will discuss how race affects our youth and how to best engage students in dialogue about race and culture to combat ingrained racism.

Speakers include Akiea Gross (Equitable Schools), Timothy Jones (HipHopEd), Tierney Oberhammer (Flocabulary), and Yvonne Tackie (Friendship Public Charter Schools)

Listen to the Session Audio Recording

For more on this session, check out the hashtag #LetsTeachAboutRace.

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SXSW EDU 2018 panel, Let’s Teach About Race, featuring (l-r) Tierney Oberhammer (Flocabulary), Yvonne Tackie (Friendship Public Charter Schools), Akiea Gross (Equitable Schools), and Timothy Jones (HipHopEd).


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