Watch Kimberly Bryant & Reshma Saujani, Connected in Class & More from SXSW EDU Online

Kimberly Bryant and Reshma Saujani

Check out new videos from the online event just added to the SXSW EDU YouTube channel including the impactful Keynote session Kimberly Bryant & Reshma Saujani in Conversation, a discussion on their powerful work in closing the gender gap in tech.

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Kimberly Bryant & Reshma Saujani in Conversation
Connected in Class: A Starting Point & Close Up
Cry Havoc Theater Company - Once Upon A Moon
Everyone In!: Bridging Sectors to Tackle COVID-19
Revelations from Our Pandemic Pivots
When Schools Mirror Communities
The STEM Future Is Female 2.0 Leading & Empowering
Learning Science & Remote Learning During COVID-19
From HBCU to PhD: Social Capital & Student Success
Detroit Speaks: Reclaiming the Right to Literacy
Student Speak: The Equity Reality
COVID-19’s Disruption to Education Journalism
Tweens, Teens, & Public Media: The Missing Middle
Students Deserve Privacy Too
Powerful Education Policy: Learning to Leading
Do Pods & Public Schools Have to Be at Odds?
A New Roadmap for K-12 History & Civics Education
DC’s New Partnership to Raise College Graduation
Mission: Impossible? Successes in Online Pre-K
What Educators Can Learn from Athletes
Back to School at Midlife

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SXSW EDU Online Keynote speaker Kimberly Bryant photo by Davis Factor.

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