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As you continue to show your support for must-see conversations during community voting, we're sharing trends and interesting insights from keyword searches in PanelPicker.

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Keyword Search Trends

  • It's clear that community is top of mind with the keyword referenced in 201 proposals
  • Many are looking towards the future which is mentioned in 139 ideas
  • Continuing discussions centered around equity are a top priority with 96 results in PanelPicker
  • The urgent need for SEL is front and center with mental health included in 76 submissions
  • You'll find arts in 43 submissions

Other search terms that showcase this year's programming tracks include accessibility (87); storytelling (61); business (49); technology (103); global (72); practice (139); policy (36); wellness (74); and work (141).

Additionally, the Practice & Pedagogy track was selected the most by organizers with Equity & Justice and Emerging Tech also receiving a large number of the total submissions. The top 5 tags used in this year's proposals are diversity & inclusion, edtech, social justice, leadership, and employability & talent development.

Be sure to cast your vote to help build the program for SXSW EDU 2022. PanelPicker voting closes at 11:59 pm PT on Thursday, August 26.

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