5 Space-Themed Sessions Scheduled for SXSW EDU To Put In Your Orbit

astronaut in space

The students of today will be the space explorers of tomorrow. So how are we preparing students to tackle these challenges? Educators and leaders will join us at SXSW EDU to answer just this question. From the data science to STEM outreach initiatives, here are a few space-themed sessions you want to add to your schedule for SXSW EDU.

1. The (STEM) Future Is Female: Strategies & Actions (Talk)

Representatives from the U.S. Energy Department, the U.S. State Department, and NASA will discuss how NASA’s broad STEM outreach opportunities can be tailored to support girls in STEM to become the future women leading the way in STEM discoveries, policies, and careers.

2. Mars Mapping Project: Engaging All Students (Panel)

Schools are working hard to prepare students for jobs that may not currently exist. In an effort to make learning exciting for all students the Aldrin Foundation has made science fiction a reality inside the classroom. Andrew Aldrin will join School Superintendents Andrew Houlihan and Jesus Jara as well as Wingate University’s Rebecca Cottenoir to share how this project has ignited a passion for learning with all students in their districts.

3. An Astronaut’s Map to High Quality STEM Education (Talk)

On Feb. 9, 1995, Dr. Bernard Harris became the first African American to complete a spacewalk. Now, as part of his ‘terrestrial’ mission, Dr. Harris leads the Dallas-based National Math and Science Initiative as it works to expand high quality STEM education for all students. Joined by Melissa Moritz, the two will share their guide to STEM education.

4. Python for Asteroids: NASA Data for the Classroom (Workshop)

NASA maintains and extensive open database that’s served by an API. This workshop will examine the open API structure, use Python to call for data, and construct some simple projects based on the call made.

5. First Residents of Moon & Mars are in Our Classrooms (Featured)

Come learn how we are preparing future generations to continue deep space exploration, what that means and why we must inspire students. Astronauts Tracy Caldwell Dyson, Nancy Currie-Gregg, and Bonnie Dunbar will join NASA’s Mike Kincaid to discuss how education played a role in their decision to apply for the Astronaut Corps, and what historic milestones and individuals inspired the astronauts.

Hundreds of Sessions and Events Announced

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