Deadline Extended Through January 18: Enter the Student Startup Competition

SXSW EDU 2018 Student Startup competition

The fifth annual Student Startup competition is taking place this March at SXSW EDU 2019. The competition is an opportunity for students that have a business idea or an entrepreneurial passion. The competition’s student finalists will make their business plan pitches to a panel of judges and live audience during the event in Austin, TX.

All ideas are welcome – students are encouraged to think big, and come up with ideas that may exceed their existing skills, network, and resources!

The application is open now through January 18, 2019. Students are invited to apply as a solo entrepreneur or as a team. The application calls for a brief business overview, logo image, startup website and supplemental information about the startup.

Did You Know?

  • The Student Startup competition is open to high school students 13 and older nationwide and beyond.
  • It is free to apply!
  • The winner of the competition takes home a cash prize.

Helpful Tips!

  • Let your passion shine – SXSW EDU is looking for students with a passion for their startup’s mission.
  • Do your research – A strong application is backed by a wealth of research. Make sure that you thoroughly understand the market you are trying to tackle. Don’t be afraid to solicit feedback from your teachers and parents.
  • Identify your differentiator – Start by recognizing other companies that share a similar mission or goal, then determine what makes your startup idea different from what these companies are doing.
  • Have fun with it – Win or lose, this is a fun opportunity and you’re bound to learn from the experience.

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