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Photo courtesy of Adele Falco
Written by Gaby | March 5, 2015

Girl Power! (Boys, too)

More than ever, SXSWedu has attracted the works of many professionals involved in gender-specific support to help bridge achievement and opportunity gaps not only in the US, but globally. The mission for gender equality continues and the conversations ranging from presentations to film screenings highlighted below are sure to enlighten and empower you to take action!

Dr. Jill Biden
Written by Guest | March 4, 2015

#AskDrBiden about Community Colleges at SXSWedu 2015

Community colleges have entered a new day in America. They lead the way in preparing graduates in the fields of green technology, healthcare, teaching, and information technology—some of the fastest growing fields in America and the rest of the world. Community colleges are able to meet the needs of their community and provide students and workers with the education and skills they need to succeed and to get good-paying jobs to support their families.

Written by Chandler | March 3, 2015

Good Design is Good Education

You don’t have to be a designer to think like one. From designing learning spaces to developing creative lesson plans, design thinking presents innovative solutions to problems in any education field. SXSWedu recognizes the significance of design thinking within our community and is happy to highlight sessions with a focus on design throughout the 2015 program. If you’re a dreamer, doodler and lover of post-its, be sure to check out these sessions March 9-12.

Randy & Jackie Smith
Written by val | March 3, 2015

Everything but the Talks

We all attend conferences for exposure to the brilliance imparted by industry thought-leaders; of which there is no short supply at SXSWedu 2015. However, much of the progress that stems from convenings happens when post-session inspiration collides with a new connection in the industry. To foster these conversations, a variety of social and networking events have been planned on your behalf.

Written by Julia | March 2, 2015

Globetrotting: SXSWedu Edition!

There is no place like Austin, Texas during SXSWedu to refine your craft, explore your interests and meet new people – but those experiences reach far beyond the city limits in 2015. This year journey from Mozambique to Hong Kong, from Australia and beyond to discover what educators, students, business leaders, policymakers and researchers are working on to further teaching and learning around the world.

Written by Cristina | February 27, 2015

Special Program Hosted by The Chronicle of Higher Education

The Chronicle of Higher Education will be hosting a three-part special program on Thursday, March 12 in the Hilton Austin Downtown. This event is offered exclusively to SXSWedu registrants and will feature a Morning Mixer followed by two sessions focused on improving education at the college level. Join the conference and attend this three-part program to experience this innovative programming trio under themes of Leadership & Empowerment and Entrepreneurialism in Education.

Photo by Debbie Finley
Written by Patrick | February 27, 2015
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Ten Reasons to Attend SXSWedu 2015

There are a wide variety of reasons that you should attend SXSWedu 2015. In its fifth year, SXSWedu has grown into a powerful platform, celebrating innovations in learning at all levels, while supporting collaboration and actionable outcomes. The 2015 conference and festival will debut many new and exciting facets of programming. With respect to your time, here are 10 reasons you need to be in Austin, Tx March 9-12, 2015.

EdTech Europe
Written by Jessi | February 26, 2015

EdTech Europe Hosting A Morning Mixer and Session This March!

SXSWedu is very pleased to highlight two European All Star events at this year's Conference & Festival. EdTech Europe, the leading education technology focused conference in Europe, has partnered with SXSWedu to host a morning mixer and a session. Learn more about these exciting events and add them to your SXSWedu schedule now!