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Photo by Randy & Jackie Smith
Written by Gaby | September 1, 2015

PanelPicker Trends: Low Tech, High Touch

Among other declining trends seen in PanelPicker this year, the appearance of less "tech" is one of the more surprising findings. Last year, "tech" was mentioned 292 times, but this year, the word is referenced less than half that amount in only 140 proposals (52% decrease). Is "tech" finally implied in new learning practices, or is the community dismissing tech-centric tools altogether?

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Written by Gaby | August 28, 2015

PanelPicker Trends: Community

Community is the most special ingredient of SXSWedu. Through the education community's participation in PanelPicker, the SXSWedu program is not only formed, but selected. For a process that attracts such a diverse group of education stakeholders, it is appropriate that the appearance of the word "community" has increased by 192% this year over last year (from 96 times to 280).