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Photo by Danny Matson
Written by Jessi | September 30, 2015

New for 2016: Earn Continuing Professional Education Credits at SXSWedu

Educators can now receive continuing professional education credits when they attend SXSWedu through a partnership with Association of Texas Professional Educators (ATPE). We know how important professional development is for educators and are very excited about this partnership to support our growing community.

Playground photo by Christian Sena
Written by Nicole | September 1, 2015

Submit a Playground Display: Top 5 Reasons

With a host of opportunities to participate at SXSWedu, the Playground provides organizations an outlet to connect with attendees on a deeper level. Fueled by innovation through discovery, this learning space stimulates exploration, creativity, discovery and participation.

The Playground features a number of educational pursuits highlighting maker, STEM, gaming, virtual learning, accessibility, arts integration and more. Innovative organizations that align with these interests should consider submitting an application to be considered and positioned at the forefront of such forward thinking conversations. Continue reading to learn the top five reasons to participate:

Photo by Randy & Jackie Smith
Written by Gaby | September 1, 2015

PanelPicker Trends: Low Tech, High Touch

Among other declining trends seen in PanelPicker this year, the appearance of less "tech" is one of the more surprising findings. Last year, "tech" was mentioned 292 times, but this year, the word is referenced less than half that amount in only 140 proposals (52% decrease). Is "tech" finally implied in new learning practices, or is the community dismissing tech-centric tools altogether?