SXSWedu Playground

SXSWedu is thrilled to unveil the Playground an expansion of last year's exciting Makerspace, celebrating innovative pursuits in maker, STEM education, gaming, the arts and more! This newly developed interactive space, hosted by Xerox and BrainPOP, allows attendees to indulge their creative side at SXSWedu.

Photos courtesy of Debbie Finley & JW Walthall

The SXSWedu Playground, in Ballroom EF of the Austin Contention Center, highlights practical, fun and effective learning approaches with stimulating discussions, short presentations and Hands On learning activities.


Leaders from a variety of organizations and institutions welcome attendees to address their cutting-edge approaches to teaching and learning.


A presentation by one (1) or two (2) speakers. 30 minutes total time, including audience Q&A.

Hands On

Instructional program covering a particular idea or topic. Attendees participate in facilitated learning led by one (1) or more speakers.

Photos courtesy of Debbie Finley & JW Walthall